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Viberg Invasion

Seattle, WA, USA

New Introductions

In order to commemorate Viberg’s new product developments we spent months designing the perfect collection of four style debuts to Division Road in the form of the Chelsea, Derby Boot, Derby Shoe, and Bernhard Chukka in honor of the stylistic connection in fashion of the pre-depression era of the 20’s and the British Invasion pop culture of the 60’s. Collaborating closely with Viberg, we created an exclusive-to-Division Road series using an historical palette from black to tan in English Suedes, Italian Horsehide, and American Calf Leather to bring a unifying story of new releases that transcend nationality, time, and style. Each pattern was developed through years of work and each is a symbol of Viberg’s unwavering commitment to conceive of and execute the best footwear in the industry: designed and built for eras to come.

The Derby Shoe was developed from recently discovered pattern designs produced by the founder, Edwin Viberg. True to the original half-century old vision, but improved with several iterations on the pattern and now in its final adaptation with a lower quarter, improved fit, and French Binding this well-refined version is about as perfect as it can get. To respect the British foundation of the Derby shoe style, we utilized a Black Calf Suede from the UK that has a moss undertone on the 1035 last to give the shoe its classical form along with a natural flat welt and stacked leather sole. Clean, traditional, and utilizing the best of the final iteration of the Viberg Derby Shoe, it’s an all-purpose, style friendly piece.

The Derby Boot is based on the understated British style that has a back-stay rather than a counter panel. The minimalist form to this timeless boot is accented by the recent introduction of French Binding on the quarter, and comes completely to fruition in understated sophistication with an Arabica Calf Suede from the UK that has a beautiful luster to the espresso nap while using the 2030 last to give the shoe an elegant form. This Derby is replete with antique brass eyelets, a natural flat welt, midsole, and Dainite sole that lend themselves to a clean foundation for experimenting with a range of looks while remaining functional for the variable climate and conditions of an urban environment.

The Bernhard Chukka Boot is a new style to the Viberg line-up based on a rare vintage 1920’s style in Brett Viberg’s personal collection. After numerous variations on the pattern and extensive sampling, this style was perfected and then dedicated to the founder, Edwin Bernhard Viberg, as a way to pay homage to the pre-depression era and the circumstances that lead to the company’s founding. The Bernhard is a true style contradiction: it holds fast to its original form from early in the last century with a reverse seam on the quarter and a set-in overlay on the vamp, yet is one of the most modern looking Chukka’s you’ll find. Using Ebony Latigo leather by Horween on the popular 2030 last that lends a sleekly-shaped silhouette paired with the Vibram 2060 sole create a functional Chukka with a timeless aesthetic and palette.

The Chelsea Boot is a Victorian era style that has evolved over several centuries and is now a perfected version new to the Viberg collection, where it gives a nod to the 60’s mod scene and contemporary fashions. After a number of variations in development, acquiring specialty machinery and instituting new techniques in production, Viberg brings this exceptional boot with a whole cut upper and a formed shaft to set their version apart from all others. To hallmark the British culture inspiration of the style, we utilized an Italian Tan Horsehide that's been vegetable tanned to maintain the natural feel and character of the hide while enhancing the deep whiskey brown coloration. A 2050 last developed exclusively for the Chelsea and inspired from a traditional Argentinian riding boot provides an accommodating fit yet a sophisticated silhouette. Goodyear welted by Viberg craftsman, with a natural flat welt and midsole on a Dainite sole form a Chelsea that will withstand the elements in a hallmark style, suitable for the modern leaning and vintage-inspired alike.