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Division Road, Inc.

Journey of Style

Division Road is a luxury heritage menswear boutique providing enduring footwear, apparel and accessories online and in-store. Based in Virginia, we present exclusive North American, Western European and Japanese manufacturers with a customer service standard that is equal to the quality of goods we carry.

We are Stewards, Friends, and Common Collectors.


Division Road believes in heritage luxury and that quality is paramount. That refinement and an enriched point of view doesn’t compromise soul, character and grit. Division Road is polished while celebrating the distressed touch of age, rust and patina that comes with time, adventure and a journey.

It is our position that true sustainability means buying once. We select brands carefully and are committed to goods that are designed to endure: we test, live in, and stand with our products.

We believe we can combine modern design with old world production standards to fulfill your current and future lifestyle needs. We look at garments as a function of where we come from, who we are, and what we want to be. Our goods and services are much like us as individuals - Authentic, Sincere, and Layered.