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Viberg Tonal Travelers

Seattle, WA, USA

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In order to get the most out of our footwear you need to harness their strength by testing them, whether it be through the paved streets of the city or the rough paths of the outdoors. We don’t believe in the tender care of our footwear, at least not while they are being worn, but we advocate the tough love of boots to be cleaned and conditioned between journeys in order to bind the excursions they have experienced. So to wrap up our offerings of Viberg for the season we bring the Tonal Travelers: utilizing light colored leathers by Horween that we selected due to their properties of picking up dirt, moisture and grease, which encapsulate where they have been by exhibiting a patina that is expeditiously deepened. In two clean designs with tone on tone details from top to bottom, these boots have a modern warmth that will only get better the farther down the road you go. Using leathers, patterns, and soles in ways that haven’t been imagined before, Division Road and Viberg present two truly distinctive and exclusive designs.

The Service boot in Crust Chromexcel on a Vibram 2060 sole provides a simple yet classic design to make your own. This leather has all of the oil and grease of Horween’s special concoction of Chromexcel, but in its natural state with no dye or finishing application. The Crust will oxidize and tarnish quicker and to a greater degree than any leather, yet still has the pull-up qualities of CXL, which will inevitably result in a refined weathered look that will be specific to its travels and can never be replicated.

The Scout in Grey Calico Smooth on a Vibram Gloxi Cut sole is a modern masterpiece waiting to document your excursions. Once a fairly popular leather, but only used on the roughout side, this batch of deadstock Grey Calico was discovered at the factory hiding and waiting to make its final appearance while having a first debut on the smooth side out. Also by Horween, this leather has a natural ceramic appearance with a marbled finish that is completely unfinished and un-dyed other than what it picked up in the drum so it will retain virtually every piece of moisture, dirt, and dye that touches it, thus constantly evolving from a light grey palette to a darker taupe from day to day.

Stained, trodden, worn, weathered, and loved: conditioned with Saphir products after one week of use. Now, Begin your Journey.