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Expanding Fox Division

Somerset, England - Virginia, USA

Same Formula – New Directions

As we explore new categories at Division Road, our collaboration approach will remain the same — with quality at the forefront through material sourcing, manufacturing, and design. We’re applying our menswear expertise to other product arenas, starting with the items we enjoy and live in that are complementary to our world, lifestyle, and gaps in the market. With myriad costly blankets that are either durable and uncomfortable or soft with a limited lifespan, we knew we could do better to complement our client’s environment and our future furniture works to come.

Some of the best ideas are simple: taking the finest wool cloth from our favored Fox Brothers and finishing it into a blanket to offer a truly luxurious product — made to be used and treasured for years as only a blanket should be — seemed flawless. As a preview into the next Division Road journey, we bring you the Fox Division Blanket Project that uses limited bolt, self-edge (selvedge) wool cloths from the famous Fox Brothers® to create large throw blankets with varied applications from the home to the outdoors, complete with a rolled blanket-stitched edge in color-complementary thread.

This collection is woven with the finest Shetland Superfine Merino and British Wool and Cashmere shears into an exceptional story of character in color, texture, and opulent finishing to creatively coordinate your urban home or countryside pilgrimage. Inspired by the colors of deep winter into early spring in Somerset — where Fox Brothers crafted these cloths and blankets in their famed 200-year-old mill — the Brown Cheltenham Check Twill, Camel Exmoor Twill, Brown Checkmate Twill, and Stone Grey Hopsack Flannel Blankets all relate for layering versatile patterns and sophisticated solids, holding space for heritage-inspired home design.

The foundation of any product is the raw materials used. In wool cloths that match our desires for durability in distinctly classic palettes and patterns, there is no substitute for Fox Brothers. Regarded as the inventor of cording processes to create worsted fabrics from the yarn to the loom state, Fox cloths pack an immense amount of the finest British wool fibers into award-winning fabrics. As the originator of wool flannel, Fox creates outdoor-appropriate fabrics at suiting grades with continual refinements in fiber sourcing from yarn spinning to weaving heavyweight fabrics that drape, flex, and feel like half the measured weight on body.

This first Fox Blankets Division Project series comes in nature’s palette for ideal home pieces that will withstand the woods. Whether home goods or our menswear wheelhouse, anything we produce should be made to resist the elements, have a long life, and look better with age. We took an inspired look at what natural materials made with the highest standards represent as we journey in from the outdoors and present pieces that expand and explore the applications of authentic heritage goods.