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Women In Menswear

Virginia, USA

Style and Quality through a Genderless Lens

Trends are different from fads, fashions, or classics. They can be temporary or endure for decades. The world of aesthetics — from home interiors, design, and architecture to all areas of fashion — is at the forefront of our everyday attention. What unfolds in the women’s fashion space is always of interest, and with a seasoned background, we understand it well.

We’ve been closely observing the intersection of two trends — the relaxed silhouette and the traditionally masculine influences of tailoring, workwear, militaria, and sportswear on nonconforming womenswear. This editorial explores vintage and modern influences merging to create a personal identity through dress. It features quality heritage goods for the elegant, modern woman.

There is a turn back to the 1980s-90s when women’s silhouettes were more draped rather than oversized and when material and cut interplayed in design. Coupled with new attention to quality and sustainability, we see the potential for these trends to become substantive in the long term.

We have many women who passionately procure and wear our menswear pieces. With a discerning eye, certain pieces can seamlessly fit these new-style cues off the rack or with basic alterations, becoming life-long staples. The quality goods we offer do not readily exist in womenswear, though the virtue and ability to build a wardrobe of quality products should be accessible to all.

Women are turning towards lasting, premium goods amidst the fatigue of being draped in disposable pieces made from harmful synthetics at inflated price points. We have been on a long-term journey to invest in and redevelop our old-world heritage productions into womenswear new-classics with an informed perspective. In the meantime, we wanted to show how women can style and wear our existing products while preserving and enhancing individualism.


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