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Visions for Spring

Tricker’s x DR, Dehen 1920 x DR, Gitman Vintage, Benzak


Collaborations and releases with Tricker’s, Dehen 1920, Gitman Vintage, and Benzak

With spring's arrival this week, we bring you collaborations and collection pieces for inspired styling with influences ranging from military to sportswear, mid-century Americana, and iconic English footwear. These pieces from Tricker’s, Dehen 1920, Gitman Vintage, and Benzak are fresh and elevated takes on the classics to encourage the type of exploration afforded by the season of renewal. This entire ensemble, from foundational footwear to transitional outerwear and everything in between, will get you prepped with new potentials for creative expression and the assurance of goods made with quality and craftsmanship.

Tricker’s x Division Road

Our exclusive sourcing expedition continues with a debut of the new Horween Predator tannage on two rare Tricker’s patterns adapted to Division Road’s sensibility and made to the heartiest English standards. This combination tanned cowhide recipe uses an immense amount of stuffed waxes and a buffed grain to give a matte finish with a high degree of pull-up for patina, protection, and on-foot flexible comfort. This Predator pack is configured with corresponding details of a natural Barbour welt and natural leather midsole, along with tonal eyelets and fabric pulls, allowing the leather to command attention with its subtle sophistication and rugged refinement.

The Monty Chukka comes with specific amendments to this WWII military-inspired desert boot for a clean design on the accommodating and moderately proportioned 4497 Last atop the British-made Dainite sole for an all-day make-up with situational adaptability and wet-to-dry traction. The Allan Boot takes the high quarter, single continuous vamp country style and gives it some finesse with a cap toe and the 2298 Last for a sleek profiled aesthetic with a generous fit, balanced with the more aggressive outdoor-focused Goodyear Commando sole.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road | Gitman Vintage | Benzak

We have some exclusive, curated garments in an inspired and versatile palette to provide a complete assembly for the wardrobe. With Dehen, we’ve developed some pieces that are ideal for spring and will readily return in fall. Our Collegiate Cardigan returns campus-correct with a vintage sportswear vibe in a limited batch Forster Red and Kelly Green paired with Luggage Leather and corozo button accents. The Carrier Jacket arrives battlefield ready in our specialty sourced Martexin Waxed Olive Army Duck canvas, on duty with the new Cargo Vest in a Japanese Fatigue Military Sateen, with considered and corresponding details.

With inspiration ranging from the ‘50s to ‘70s for those of you channeling the classics in traditional or directional manners, Gitman Vintage gives us warm-weather appropriate Japanese loomed cloths with the Archive Madras for the ivy style enthusiasts and some deadstock dobby for mid-century club, camp, and cabana coordination. Benzak brings a new Worker Jacket fashioned after painter coats with a sustainable agenda, natural palette, patina potential, and a fresh Slate Selvedge Duck Overshirt to pair effectively with the new 13.5 oz. Grey Cast BDD-006 Mid Slim or BC-06 Olive Military Sateen Scout Pant.