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The New Heritage

Tricker’s x DR, Freenote Cloth, Studio D’Artisan


Collaborations and Releases with Tricker’s, Freenote Cloth, and Studio D’Artisan

This week, we bring you a collection honoring a new era of heritage from three brands that represent generations of crafting timeless goods with quality, soul, and character. With collaborations from the 190-year-old Tricker’s using specialty Horween hides, Studio D’Artisan’s limited-release shirting to mark their 45th anniversary, and the introduction of Freenote Cloth after watching them impressively evolve over the last decade, we bring you a new vintage-themed release with palette and patina in mind.

The highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques that facilitate durability and longevity should be the requisites of heritage goods. Division Road goes beyond the baseline to present brands, collaborations, and collections that strive to be more extraordinary than the originals. Whatever the inspiration, new heritage is based on a dogmatic view of quality with an inspired look at style.

Tricker’s x Division Road

We have a new pack of Tricker’s collaborations using Division Road-sourced hides and considered specifications designed to tell a story from the rural to the urban. The Dubliners use Horween’s Dublin vegetable-tanned work boot recipe, which is waxed for protection and pull-up. They are formed on the 4497s Last with its outdoor officer disposition and combine signature details of a natural Barbour welt and leather midsole atop lug soles to provide a commanding style.

The Natural Dublin Churchill Boot takes an archived WWII officer boot pattern and tonal detailing to the patina frontlines in a completely undyed leather that will evolve with each engagement. Furthering the Churchill’s strategy is the high-traction Goodyear Commando sole, Goodyear welted for a lifetime of wear by England’s oldest family-owned footwear factory.

The Mocha Bisque Dublin Tramping Boot is a refined country derby style in a bright, limited-batch dye lot. It is designed to develop highs and lows from excursions on city streets and wandering walks into the woods. This elegantly designed Boot is a stylistically adaptable standout paired with the moderately profiled dress-lug Ridgeway sole.

Freenote Cloth

We are pleased to announce our introduction of Freenote Cloth. Friends and confidants for years, we closely watched Freenote develop and evolve their product season after season. Most extraordinarily, Freenote has found success based on an honorable tenacity to create top-notch heritage goods in the United States with scale. They have not only remained true to their vision but have advanced it by leaps and bounds with an obsession over every input, detail, and manufacturing step.

Based in San Juan Capistrano, California, Freenote draws surf, skate, and moto culture into its designs and crafts timeless, fresh, original heritage pieces. What can only be called Westward Americana, theirs are pieces of the frontier made possible via retro subcultural influences designed for the modern wardrobe.

This collection of their favored Rider Jacket using 10 oz. Martexin Waxed Army Duck Canvas, the Japanese Twill Hawaiian Camp shirts, and heavy-duty denim and chino offerings across fits from slim to straight give a nod to the Freenote formula of taking the best materials and crafting them with meticulous perfectionism and creative soul.

Studio D’Artisan

Celebrating its 45th Anniversary as one of the premier Japanese vertical producers of heritage-based garments from loom, cut, sew, and finishing, Studio D'Artisan exemplifies an authentic approach while always looking to improve the craft with astounding in-house developments. Commemorating their pinnacle position of taking the antique and making it new and original, we have two limited-release shirting pieces that will become wardrobe staples for those looking to style classically or fashionably.

The Fallen Cotton Denim Western has a sustainable agenda using 100% recycled short fiber cotton remnants from spinning to produce an undyed slub yarn with a brown khaki cast that gives an intense texture for a vintage feel that will improve with age. The Ishikawadai Denim Workshirt also goes to the roots of cotton spinning by using the oldest operational ring-spinning machine in Japan that produces a yarn with unparalleled softness and an irregular subtle texture for an indigo-dyed denim that hallmarks yesteryear in an improved form.