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Wonderous Wholecuts

Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we have a pair of Viberg collaborations designed and crafted with correlated elements yet fashioned into two distinct and unique make-ups. One of the rarest achievements in footwear is producing a wholecut using a single piece of leather for the entire upper due to the precision in cutting, machinery used, and lasting standards that must be instituted to perfect this grail of footwear manufacturing. After several years of development, Viberg ventured on this quest and attained what can be considered the finest examples of wholecuts in welted footwear with the Chelsea and Slipper. For this release, we used limited batch, specialized recipes from Charles F. Stead, coming with subtle grain character afforded by their aniline and combination tannages in warm golden tones that will patina with a glorious sophistication. The ranch-ready Chestnut Phoenix Chelsea Boot and travel-bound Noix Eco Grain Slipper are exceptional style staples, evolved from history to craft.

Viberg x Division Road CF Stead Noix Eco Grain Slipper

We selected the environmentally sensitive, entirely metal and chrome-free tanned Noix Eco Grain leather on this Slipper for its natural finish, color profile, and tightened grain that will cleanly conform to the foot and develop a rich patina quality. This hide will communicate the timeless nature of the Slipper’s vintage travel shoe inspiration and enable the documented journey of future foreign excursions.

Lasted as a single-piece upper on the accommodating 2010 Last and finished with tonal specifications of the natural leather storm welt and sole, this Slipper can be styled gracefully from casual wear to tailoring with a nod to its rare craftsmanship.

Viberg x Division Road CF Stead Chestnut Phoenix Chelsea

The Chestnut Phoenix tannage is explicitly developed to provide weather resistance and durability in a natural leather with heavy oils and waxes to allow a subtle patina, perfect for the Chelsea’s outdoor origins and remaining well suited for urban environs and fashion-forward utility.

This elegant wholecut shape comes on the 2030 Chelsea Last and will adapt and form to the foot with precision. This boot has a tonally corresponding gusset and pull loop for a clean configuration and is framed with a natural leather scalloped storm welt and midsole atop the Goodyear Commando sole for proportional balance and full utility in a sleek design.