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Division Road - Nat Dubs New and Old - Service Boot and Hiker

Viberg x Division Road Exclusives

This week, we’re pleased to finally bring back two exclusive make-ups in one of our favorite tannages, Natural Dublin. From the re-emergence of our most popular Service Boot collaboration to a new limited release of a Hiker, we present two styles that couldn’t be more different to display the immense character of Horween’s Dublin hides. The overall beauty of the rare and rugged Natural Dublin comes from its vegetable tanning resulting in a remarkable golden-brown, made even more special with the leather’s balance of comfort, durability, and patina potential. Using the same extracts as Horween’s Cordovan with a high oil and fat content, the Natural Dublin leather will keep you enthused as it develops from a golden glow to an aged chestnut over time while its unique grain gains character with each outing. In order to provide robust styling and utilitarian options for whatever journey you take, these two styles with coordinated leather and detailing effortlessly combine practicality and design to create a pair of unparalleled Natural Dublin Division Road exclusives.

Division Road - Nat Dubs New and Old - Service Boot

Division Road Viberg Nat Dubs Old and New - Service Boot

Natural Dublin Service Boot

For a stoutly signature Viberg with a dress sensibility, our Natural Dublin Service Boot comes with a trademark formula on the sleek 2030 Last with a brogue cap toe, using stitchdown construction on a natural midsole atop a Dainite sole. Whether you are just beginning your rebuildable footwear journey or find yourself navigating through the thick of your collecting days, this classic design in a versatile, unique leather will become a pivotal piece for any footwear enthusiast.

Division Road - Nat Dubs New and Old - Hiker

Division Road Nat Dubs Old and New - Hiker

Natural Dublin Hiker

For a fashion meets full function rarity, the Natural Dublin Hiker comes with all the bells and whistles of a whole cut upper formed on the original 9220 Hiker Last for an accommodative, historically inspired fit and is fully lined with Thinsulate® for mountain expeditions or that sidewalk swagger. Stout brass hardware, a fully gusseted tongue, and a leather pull loop culminate this refined, utilitarian style and allow the tannage to be put to the test for fine patina development reflective of every excursion.

Evolutions - Part 2

For all those inquiring eyes, we have a second edition of “Evolutions” that shows a glimpse of what we’re undertaking as we continue to plan and build Division Road 2.0 in Virginia. This month, we’re busy transforming existing structures and repurposing materials for new builds while we dive deep on the master plan down to the fine details, focusing on land enhancement and natural preservation with the end goal of an integrated experience. Follow the journey on our YouTube Channel and stay tuned because there is so much more to come as we venture into The Fields at Division Road.