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Flying Fox Release

Dehen 1920 x DR, MotivMfg x DR, Andersen-Andersen


Collaborations and Releases from Dehen 1920, MotivMfg, and Andersen-Andersen

Akin to the resplendent nose art of a vintage fighter plane sitting on an aircraft in the gulf of somewhere, we bring you the “Flying Fox” release that combines materials, patterns, and influences from maritime, militaria, and coursing in neo-classical pieces that are sly and certain to fly. This week, we have a special collaboration pack with Dehen 1920 using a limited edition of wool cloths from Fox Bros to elevate and astound, a series of our deft designs with MotivMfg that bridge eras and fabrics into anatomical masterpieces for the DRA style soldier, and the treasured military grade Navy sweaters from Andersen-Andersen designed to combat the climate and conditions of land, air, and sea.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

In exploring how we maximize our preeminent one-roof manufacturing brands with adapting patterns and sourcing the finest materials in order to make staples that are extraordinary, we bring you the collaboration Fox Pack with Dehen 1920. Using a single run special development series of tweeds from the best outdoor worsted wool cloth producer in the world, Fox Brothers® came across the pond to enhance a trio of wearable collectables. This tweed wool cloth collection is milled with varied, fine British Shetland and Merino wool yarns to create weaves and patterns with an unmatched combination of deep color character, moderate texture, and a luxurious finish that will perform for any countryside pilgrimage. All inspired by the coastal woodland landscape of Somerset where the original Fox Brothers mill fabricated these cloths, the Guncheck Tweed Crissman Overshirt, Twill Tweed Flying Bomber, and Herringbone Tweed Winston Jacket will ascend any gentleman’s style from farm to flight. From securing singular fabrics to adjusting all corresponding details and specifications, see and experience what proper collaborations from the considered crew yield with the finest Dehen’s done to date.

MotivMfg x Division Road

Once again, from the neo-classically influenced Beijing tailoring meets design studio workshop of MotivMfg, we bring you another collaboration series of outerwear garments that are as aspirational as they are indispensable. From the turn of the century to one hundred years in the future, these pieces are the definition of timeless and borderless with inspiration and materials drawn from French and English military and countryside garments. With utilizing materials produced by Europe’s finest mills in designing pieces that drape and evolve to the wearer, MotivMfg presents a production that is more couture than cut and sew. The embodiment of our collaboration works, the French Hunting and English Hunt Work Jackets come in Brisbane Moss Moleskins that have been sulfur overdyed in order to patina and mottle as they conform to your body. For full-fledged outerwear to fight the fall-winter weather we have our English Aviator in the finest Fox Bros Overcoating you will ever wear, and the three-in-one French Naval Flight Coat using Halley Stevensons Dry Waxed Canvas and a salt shrunk Japanese Nylon down filled liner for a piece that offers craftsmanship and style with convertibility.


Once more landing on our shores as the ranking captains of naval grade knitwear, Andersen-Andersen have completed the voyage to create the best examples of vintage pieces in a refined collection. With the most impressive yarn-to-garment production in the business, each sweater journeys from a fleece level shear of Patagonian Merino sheep to five individual production workshops in Italy for all steps of spinning to hand-linking, and back to Denmark to embark on another international voyage. The indispensable Half and Full Zip Sweaters are a signature of their offering, and this season we have our favorite production pieces using the only certified natural plant-based indigo dye, or the natural sheep’s shear, along with a deeply saturated Black and Hunting Green. If you haven’t had the experience, know an Andersen-Andersen Navy Sweater is a contemporary classic with unmatched longevity, comfort, and weather-beating properties crafted with a complete approach to quality as completely hand-linked singular knit pieces, with no raw edges and fully fashioned interiors, down to even nickel free zippers and integrated thumb holes for wholly knit masterpieces that have a lifetime of lasting luxury wrapped into each sweater.