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Hallmarking Heritage Heroes

Dehen 1920 x DR, MotivMfg x DR, Iron Heart, The Quartermaster


Collaborations and Releases with Dehen 1920, MotivMfg, Iron Heart, and The Quartermaster

This week, we have an arsenal of military, outdoorsman, and workwear-inspired styles that honor heroes from the past with tasteful up-productions for today. Made for our sophisticated style soldiers and focused on functionality for performance in some of the harshest conditions known, this collection of goods is richly refined with top-notch materials, crafted by our meticulous makers into premium procurements. Prepare yourself to brave fall-winter battles with selective style artillery from Dehen 1920, Iron Heart, MotivMfg, and The Quartermaster to swagger through the season in soulfully crafted collectibles and collaborations.

MotivMfg x Division Road

For those on a reconnaissance mission searching for your next grail style piece, we have a capsule of collaborations with MotivMfg that take some of our favorite fabrics and fits to new heights with historical and geographical influences to transcend style profiles and transform wardrobes. Using the famous wool cloths from Fox Brothers®, we have reimagined the double-breasted Swiss Army Overcoat for full winter use in the classic 25 oz. Midnight Overcoating Cloth that’s a hefty twill weave with a flannel finish—which feels like cashmere and shields like steel. The Midnight Overcoating is also used on one of two French Fencing Hunt Vests; the other comes in a Stone Grey Exmoor Twill, and both are designed for diverse ensemble coordination and seasonal convertibility. Complementing the palette and theme, the Swiss Army Cargo Trouser takes aero and nautical influences from mid-century European militaria. In a durable and fine lambswool Abraham Moon® Merino Twill woolen with a resilient drape and soft hand, this is a heritage-forward, avant-garde trouser.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

The N-1 Deck Jacket from Dehen 1920 is the most elevated example of the iconic military original, designed to be a proper winter weather staple for vintage-inspired, casual styling. Our collaboration version uses a specially sourced, US-milled, Martexin Original Waxed Canvas in a 7 oz. Sailcloth that has superior flexibility and durability and is paired with the luxurious and insulating body lining of fully straightened Genuine Mouton shearling. Our iteration comes with insulated and quilted satin-lined sleeves for a finished feel that corresponds with the rest of the piece to maintain structure and flexibility. Coming in versatile and freshly configured colorwayswe have a saturated dark Field Tan Waxed Sailcloth combined with Black Mouton, and a Dark Moss Waxed Sailcloth with Kodiak Mouton for the full spectrum of spec and design-heavy Division Road Army garments that illustrate our drive to improve the exceptional with careful consideration for another craft collectible.

Iron Heart 

Made for the vintage-inspired modern man channeling railroad, road-ready, and battlefield vibesthis collection of Iron Heart includes innovative fabric developments on classic styles that underscore the brand’s legendary better-than-original, over-the-top production formula. With an enduring style sense, each piece fits the Division Road idea that workwear durability and iconic inspiration can be refined into a functional, personalized wardrobe with a timeless aesthetic. With new fabric developments coming in the indigo-dyed Hickory Stripe Herringbone that’s used on a Sawtooth Western for a fast-fading piece with heritage provenance, and the Black Mock Twist Twill Western that has a complex peppered mélange in a static and stout material—these two shirts have tough-guy appeal as sharp as your complementing toothpick. Then, for an impressive and seasonally adaptable N-1 Deck jacket, we have the 14 oz. Oiled Black and Olive Whipcord versions that evolve Iron Heart’s legendary and time-tested classic in finish and function.


The Quartermaster 

From Tuscany with entirely local sourcing from fabric to final garment and an unrivaled archive of inspiration, The Quartermaster brings us fall-winter pieces that tell the story of a hunter walking the Calvana mountain trails in winter while foraging the hills for mushrooms, chestnuts, and wild vegetables. Sure to encounter traders and herders, he comes upon the localsrearingand preserving the endangered Calvanina cattleall wearing hearty woolen jackets. This idea inspired the exclusive development of a sustainably focused and hyper-durable Melton woolenblended with recycled polyester and other fibers and used on the Navy Calvana Hunter Jacket and Olive Retaia Hunter Vest. The oversized Indigo Chambray Work Shirtwhich also leverages proprietary fabric—comes in an all-season weight with texture and an exaggerated box-weave that complements the unique detailing. This ensemble from The Quartermaster will take you deep into the woods wearing fine Italian-crafted heritage goods made with methods and a mindset aimed at preserving the land we all enjoy exploring.