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Viberg x Division Road Collaborations 

This week, we have a new Viberg x Division Road special make-up pairing that bridges the formal and casual using rare leathers, classic configurations, and refined construction techniques, perfect for executive duties in the boardroom or weekend excursions in the woods. Both styles reflect the evolution of Viberg over the last decade, from producing the most collectible industrial stitchdown boots in the heritage niche to what has become a product that maintains the same high durability but boasts dress-level finishing and precision.

A Viberg today relates to the original yet is advanced on every level. This is evident with their unrelenting obsession with material development and collaborative custom tannage recipes, continuing to source the best components available from nails to midsoles, and pushing the precision of construction to the highest standards in the industry given the weights of materials, methods, and machinery used. The Horween English Tan Cypress Service Boot and Gallun Caper Viking Calf Service Boot exemplify craftsmanship, design, and development — core elements to the Viberg ethos of never being satisfied in producing the best product possible that will last for a lifetime, look better with age, and maintain versatility through years of regular rotation. Paired with some new CHUPs for your artful storytelling socks to complement your luxury footwear, this release will equip you with advanced craft starting at the foundation of style.


Viberg x DR Gallun Caper Viking Calf Service Boot

A rare and classic collaboration, this Service Boot uses a small batch tannage from Gallun that specializes in reproducing archival recipes and improving the originals. With Viberg’s push to evolve materials, the Viking Calf is inspired by a durable workboot calf leather from the early 1900s that utilizes a slow vegetable tanning with a chrome re-tan combined with a custom emulsified wax and oil, hand applied at multiple stages to yield a consistent finish and tightened grain on the hand-selected hides for a highly durable leather that will break-in and develop a sophisticated patina. This brown Service Boot with an olive undertone is given the signature specifications of the dress-officer 2030 Last and brogue cap toe, complemented with brass dress eyelets and a natural midsole atop a French Leather sole — uniquely and exquisitely assembled with stitchdown construction — to produce a boot that balances formal luxury and casual elegance with a graceful gait. 

Viberg x DR Horween English Tan Cypress Service Boot

The new Cypress leather from Horween is an evolution of one of our shop-favorite Dublin recipes. The vegetable-tanned hide balances character, comfort, robustness, and patina potential. This refined, drum-dyed, and aniline-finished leather uses the same extracts as a Cordovan tannage with a high oil and fat content. It is then finished with a wax that retains and enhances the natural grain of the glowing golden tan leather, which will darken over time and reflect the wearer’s journey with an elegantly aged finish. Given a clean and classic design on the dress-casual 2030 Last with a plain toe and leather pull loop, brass eyelets, natural midsole, and Ridgeway sole, this Service Boot is made to communicate the brilliance of high-quality natural leather and the soul of craft with an effortless and casual style for those who want the best that lasts the longest.



With a coordinated palette, we bring you a pairing of Merino wool and Cotton-Dralon blended CHUP socks with patterns and motifs that reflect regional landscapes and knitwear designs. As the perfect collectible complement to our footwear, these expertly and painstakingly knit socks are made on stocking frame machines that maintain an old-world, limited production approach. By sourcing the best materials for refined yarns produced with meticulous construction methods, CHUP provides inspiration for ensembles rather than just accompaniments.