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Craft Not Crap

Tricker’s x DR, Dehen 1920 x DR, De Bonne Facture


Collaborations and Releases with Tricker’s, Dehen 1920, and De Bonne Facture

Back with our traditional rally cry on Black Friday, we have our “Buy Craft, Not Crap” release in response to this day’s notoriety for coercion of conspicuous consumption. It’s our annual opportunity to jump on the soap box and promote the importance of value, sustainability, and making thoughtful purchasing decisions. Thankfully, we cater to connoisseurs of craftsmanship with a buy-once mentality. This week’s release deals specifically with premium examples of considered goods achieved through collaboration and curated production. Our most anticipated and special collab packs of the season with Tricker’s and Dehen 1920 — and two exceptional outerwear pieces from De Bonne Facture — are the attractive antidotes that combat the desire to dive into the dizzying deluge of discounts on dull or disposable goods.

Much of the apparel business is structured on prices designed for discounting, and even at those margins, the actual input cost is a fraction of what’s paid by a consumer. We will continue to preach that true sustainability comes from buying products once, which are made using responsibly procured raw materials and are crafted to last for decades with a timeless appeal. So, we have the ‘CNC’ release for the folks who go the extra mile via Division Road with a well-appointed wardrobe: A collection of limited-run pieces made by some of the best heritage producers — in the finest materials available — to offer lasting value and a deep appreciation for the things you wear.

Tricker’s x Division Road

For years, our Tricker’s collaboration packs have used limited batch leathers in rare color and tannage combinations to leverage our formula of taking premium, hard-to-find hides and creating collectible, wearable make-ups. In this release, two specialty packs are rolled into one for hearty heritage hits in the heart of boot season.

The Harvest Brogue Pack takes a fresh approach to two Tricker’s classics with specialty hides, signature Division Road specifications, and Ridgeway soles, allowing full utility in traditional outdoor brogues with innovative aesthetics and pronounced character. The CF Stead Bright Toffee Oiled Shoulder Stow Boot has a softly aged finish in a golden oak color that will patina gracefully to a fine antiqued appearance. The Carolina Brown Tumbled Cavalier Bourton Brogue Derby is a staple, special shoe in a muted mid-brown color with a distinct shrunken grain that will develop a sophisticated surface and color profile.

Then, we have a Horween Hillside Pack designed with rare colors and tannages that take on the outdoors with fortitude and evolve to evoke envy for the lifestyle that combines the cosmopolitan with the countryside. The English Tan Cavalier Low Leg Logger comes bright and bold in a work boot build and aesthetic, the Whiskey Bison CXL Churchill gives a striking, multi-dimensional quality to our exclusive officer boot, and the Brown Nut Dublin James Boot is a new collaboration pattern development that comes in a classic brown engineered to explore, in a leather that will exemplify the journey.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Furthering our commitment to source materials rarely found in today’s menswear, we bring you the Fox Over the Moon Pack with Dehen 1920. This collaboration series presents staples that shed light on the exceptional and reach new heights in heritage goods — using specially sourced Fox Brothers® and Abraham Moon® cloths from these completely vertical British mills. These evolved materials hold a 200-year-old heritage tradition with a quality imperative designed to last decades into the future.

Using the finest Fox Brothers® outdoor-focused worsted wool cloths, we have the Midnight Herringbone Exmoor Overcoating Winston Jacket and the Blackwatch Tartan Twill Flannel Crissman Overshirt for two collectible pieces that typify the finest American-made garments we can conceive. In Abraham Moon® heritage-inspired woolens using Shetland Tweed yarns, we have the Charcoal Rob Roy Plaid and Black Leather Varsity Jacket in a modern take that combines the classic inspirations of an outdoorsman Buffalo Check and a sportswear letterman jacket, paired with the Charcoal Plaid Crissman Overshirt using Moon’s premium Shetland Estate Tweed in a versatile palette, pattern-matched to perfection. From securing singular fabrics to adjusting all corresponding details and specifications, experience what proper collaborations from the considered DR crew yield as we continue to present premium packs of the dopest Dehens around.

De Bonne Facture

In time for the onset of winter weather and the desire to get deep into the season with stylish outerwear, we have two coats from De Bonne Facture that are extraordinary examples of timeless menswear. The DBF iconic Grandad Coat is back in a deep Forest Austrian Wool. This luxurious cloth will perform gracefully in gritty conditions and underscores the draped design of this vintage-inspired piece. Born from a triple-collaboration focused on innovating this menswear staple, we have the Heavy Sonie Tweed Undyed Shepherd’s Check Duffle Coat designed by De Bonne Facture using a special Shetland wool tartan woven from undyed shear produced by Lovat® and made in London by the tried-and-true Gloverall® now synonymous with the multi-century-old Duffle Coat. De Bonne Facture gives us luxurious menswear creations we can feel virtuous about with their unique, contemporary viewpoint on fashion and a commitment to crafting garments through regional specialists using traceable and ethically produced materials.