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To the Archives on IVY Street

Cromford Leather x DR, Viberg x DR


 Division Road, To the Archives on IVY Street

Collaborations with Cromford Leather and Viberg

This week, we have two very special pieces brought back from the archive of several years ago when we took a trip to IVY Street for a journey to the mid-90’s East Coast streets and mid-60’s Ivy League campuses through our capsule collection. It’s still cold out there and to combat the current climate and conditions, we present a refined throwback on two of the iconic pieces created in the original cross-collaboration project, with inspirations derived from historical reference points across multiple eras.

  • Division Road, To the Archives on IVY Street
  • Division Road, To the Archives on IVY Street
  • Division Road, To the Archives on IVY Street

To hallmark the archetypes with a sense of luxury, we present the Hurricane Espresso Shearling Flight Bomber from Cromford Leather, paired with our Tobacco Chamois Hiking Hunter from Viberg for collaborations made for the future record books of limited production rarities. In a warm and versatile brown palette, this duo of exclusive developments is designed to inspire the collector and enthusiast with yet another new-classic Division Road edition of wardrobe grail pieces for the winterized warrior.

Division Road, To the Archives on IVY Street, Cromford

Cromford Leather x Division Road

From the treasured London workshop, known as the experts of the exceptional for producing some of the finest leather outerwear in the world with the ethos and precision of Savile Row, we are pleased to present a second coming of one of the most remembered and indispensable wardrobe goal pieces we’ve produced. This round, we had a small lot, custom recipe of Hurricane Espresso Shearling hides produced from UK Merino sheep that offer a lighter and more flexible jacket for layering options in winter, spring and fall. Elevated and related to B-3 and RAF Bomber originals that inspired the pattern, this leather comes with a highly curled low pile interior for unparalleled softness, and has a hand waxed nap for inclement weather on the flesh side. The custom color combination of these hides is achieved through hand dyeing and finishing with an ebony Espresso wool shear and walnut brown Hurricane suede to offer endless styling potential when channeling that pilot, movie star, or villain via handcrafted perfection. Each element of this single hide production is refined with premium specifications for a lifetime style staple. From the antiqued brass buckle and two-way RiRi zipper, to the coordinated D-Pockets with heavy-duty Brisbane Moss duck canvas facing and moleskin lining, along with suede locker loop, banding and trims, there is nothing on this Shearling Flight Bomber that cuts corners or is without collaborative sourcing.

Division Road, To the Archives on IVY Street, Viberg

Viberg x Division Road

In what will be the last make-up in this pattern for a period of time, due to the necessity to scale production for the current realities of manufacturing handgrade products through a pandemic, our Hiking Hunter development with Viberg comes back with cleanly coordinated specifications. The Hiking Hunter project worked to redefine the notion of form meets function, taking vintage continuous vamp hikers from the 60’s and redesigning them with streetwear provenance into a staple utilitarian boot that handles like a supercar in terrain that requires a tank. This signature piece has a tried-and-true formula proven from day one, with Horween’s Tobacco Chamois leather in a rich chestnut brown and all of its heavily oiled recipe for a flexible, durable, and low maintenance material that lends itself to full functionality in the outdoors or the street in a collected and consistent matte finish. These boots boast the applicable details of a fully gusseted tongue to lock in fit while preventing dirt and debris from breaching the upper, a leather pull loop for taking them on and off in the field with ease, a dual padded oil tan leather roll collar for comfort, and a Goodyear Commando Sole for gritty grip when striding with style. Some new evolutions have been implemented through our handful of collaborations using this pattern, and this version comes with the 360 natural storm welt and non-stamped quarter for a contemporary, condition conquering boot.