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Nat Dub Restock + Curbside Pick-up

Viberg x DR, Division Road


Division Road Nat Dub Restock

Viberg x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we reign in the New Year with a ‘Nat Dub’ restock release to embark on fresh beginnings with all the possibilities of splendid patina in two of our signature Service Boots that are utilitarian, collectable, and easily incorporated into any modern wardrobe. Our exclusive leather with Viberg, the Natural Dublin, is specifically sourced for its proclivity to age like an heirloom baseball glove or chestnut antique with a grand, golden undertone. This vegetable tannage from Horween uses Cordovan extracts and wax coating to pair the elevated with the robust in an undyed hide with au naturel goodness, hearty enough to meet any condition with minimal care.

  • Division Road x Viberg Natural Dublin Restock
  • Division Road x Viberg Natural Dublin Restock
  • Division Road x Viberg Natural Dublin Restock

These two Service Boot make-ups have proven their ability to offer endless utility to even the most seasoned collectors as go-to selections that evolve to richly reflect the wearers’ daily duties and unique journeys. For a street-meets-industrial take, the 2030 lasted Service Boot comes in a minimalist’s make-up to provide a clean canvas for this leather to exhibit immense character in a composed manner with a Vibram 4014 sole, designed to comfortably stride through life’s adventures in style. Our make-up, utilizing the 1035 Last, comes in an outdoor work boot-meets-military sensibility with a cap-toe, leather pull loop, and a Commando sole to enable one to venture ‘over there’ and come back with the spoils of the scuffs and scrapes we embrace as the marks of true quality.

Division Road x Viberg Natural Dublin Restock

Division Road's Curbside Pick-Up Service

The virus looks like it’s staying around, and vaccines likely are slow to come. So, while we maintain our Appointment Service for a safe, stalwart, and elevated shopping experience with resounding success, we recognize there are situations that call for a little more convenience and comfort, so we have added Curbside Pick-up to our order fulfillment offerings. Shop online, and during checkout select Pick-up rather than Ship. Once the order has been placed you will be notified when it’ll be ready for curbside pick-up during business hours. Call us upon arrival at Division Road and we’ll meet you outside with your goods for a grab and go. Please note this is a delivery option for your orders, and not curbside try-on.