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The New Fit with Texture & Tone

EasyMoc x DR, MotivMfg x DR, De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage, Andersen-Andersen, Chup


Collaborations and Releases with EasyMoc, MotivMfg, De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage, Andersen-Andersen, and Chup

This week, we have a collection from bottom to top that takes fits and styling cues from the 80s and 90s combined with the texture and patterns from the 60s and 70s to show that dressing should be creative, classic, and current. The oversaturation of hyper-speed trends has resulted in at least one benefit — menswear that effortlessly combines tailored and casual elements for all-occasion ensembles.

Finally, there is no costuming or single-lane dressing, and whether you’re driven towards ivy style, the easy rider cowboy, urban woodsman, or grandpa to gorp-core, now there is a broad style movement to put things together differently. In this experimentative era that furthers the breadth of a wardrobe derived equally from the past and present, we can play with the silhouette while mixing and matching the textured and finished.

From our EasyMoc Rambler development re-hitting the shelves, soft tailoring reflections from De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage freshly channeling the archive, our MotivMfg works coming in cotton cloths, Andersen-Andersen crafting the finest knit Polo out there, or some climate and color coordinated Chups, this assembly will inspire with stylish staples.

EasyMoc x Division Road

Our exclusive Rambler development with EasyMoc is back in Black CXL and Toffee Crazy Horse, with coordinated tonal specifications and contrasting handsewn hallmarks to present you with the best campsite-to-concrete spring-summer shoe.

De Bonne Facture

Inspired by Saoula Raouda Choucair's poetic wood sculptures, we have hand-picked casual tailoring pieces from De Bonne Facture’s spring-summer collection with the Essential Jacket and Lounge Trouser that celebrate natural materials, shapes, and casual elegance.

Gitman Vintage

Filling the gap for warm-weather weight button-downs that will transform an outfit for a range of occasions, Gitman brings us the Japanese jacquard loomed Cotton/Linen Dobby Stripe, which has a complex dimensional pattern with texture and drape.

MotivMfg x Division Road

Our directional hero, the Swiss Army Cargo Trouser, comes in heavyweight cotton cloth iterations using a Brisbane Moss® Bedford Cord on the reverse and a Japanese Calvary Twill to adapt this anatomical form with a structured drape and all-season assembly.


Our singular representation of the Polo shirt comes from Andersen-Andersen, as there is no reason to look further. More sweater than a shirt, these Polos are an extraordinary version of the sportswear staple, knit in the signature extra-spun organic cotton yarn.


Inspired by Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and articulated through traditional weaving motifs common to the Navajo people, CHUP gives us a new spring-weight knit sock with a seasonless palette to serve the stylish and considered.