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White’s x DR, CHUP


White’s x Division Road CF Stead C461 Collaborations

We are excited to present a collection of White's collaborations meticulously crafted from development to production, reflecting a dedication to excellence. This series uses Division Road-sourced CF Stead articles in limited dye lots on the sprung-toe C461 Last pulled from the archives, combined with tonal specifications and finishing that gives a refined aesthetic to this considered combination of material, form, and utility. This work-ready assembly of wild-hide make-ups debuts several new pattern developments and an entirely new re-tannage from CF Stead. We've taken all we’ve learned about White’s over the years and designed a unified pack that maintains distinct personalities.

Sometimes referred to as the “Swing Last” for its anatomical hook from the waist to toe, the C461 has an identifiable sprung toe that furnishes a natural, vintage vibe with functionality from factory to forest floor. Originally developed by Buffalo Shoe Company as a logging boot Last, it was later re-purposed and adapted by White’s with their Arch Ease leather shank. The C461 — brought in by DR as a standard E width — works comfortably for a wide variety of feet and has an iconic, upturned aesthetic with a medium heel height.

The New Rosewood Unicorn LTT Cutter 350 takes this treasured, small dye-lot leather and gives a new vintage workman persona to a boot designed to bridge the urban and industrial. Tonal specifications allow the sanded and waxed Scandinavian Elk grain and subtle pull-up to take center stage. This cleanly configured White’s collab has a modern feel for a heavy-duty lace-to-toe work boot enhanced with hand-welted artisan craftsmanship atop the industrious street-ready Vibram Christy sole.

The Urban Brown Re-Tan Waxed Kudu Semi-Dress 350 comes in a new 6” height for a middle ground between our high Semi-Dress 375 and standard chukka boot height. This wild antelope leather is vegetable-tanned, then re-tanned in oil, and has even more pull-up in a rich chocolate brown coloration with espresso scars from the plains. It’s enhanced with a Brown CXL hand-welt and tonal finishing atop the split Commando lug sole for a robust, all-purpose, new-vintage boot to go from woods to workplace with wild abandon.

The Flint Waxed Kudu Springdale HSC 350 takes the Goodyear welted work boot pattern and adapts it to hand-sewn stitchdown construction for a minimalistic upper that gives maximum yield to this leather's cool character and coloration. This make-up is a style for the rocker, gearhead, and slick hipster, where form is derived from function and is framed in a Black CXL hand-welt with black finishing along with nickel eyelets atop the Split Composition sole to navigate various terrains.


We have a selection of Chup crews to stroll into spring for a complete assembly of collectible craft in footwear pairings. This collection leverages inspirations from Nordic and Celtic architecture, landscapes, and seasonal festivals. In versatile palettes and unique knit patterns, these socks will grip your feet, keep your boots and shoes well-placed, and be revered when revealed. These expertly knit pieces are made via an old-world, limited production approach to provide long-lasting inspirations for any ensemble.