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White's x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we are pleased to present two White’s Boots collaborations that epitomize their top tier hand-sewn, welted and stitchdown construction using all-leather components throughout the build in order to craft a boot that will effectively mold to the foot for a lifetime of usage in the harshest conditions. Founded in 1915 and still using preserved techniques that date back to the mid-1800's, this legacy Spokane boot maker has been producing some of the finest logging and outdoor boots for over a century.

From the beginning of our work with White's we've been taking their original designs and construction elements and putting some exclusive-to-Division Road twists on the traditional. With corresponding the handsewn welt to both edge and midsole finishes, custom stampings, and our general refined approach in correctly coordinating leathers, lasts, patterns, and specifications, our make-ups bring institutional knowledge to the forefront of footwear with an undeniable style.

  • Division Road White's BRITISH TAN CXL SEMI-DRESS 375
  • Division Road White's

To signify these high-minded make-ups, we bring you some tall-boy White's 375 boots that are unique yet share common bonds of the vintage and vogue to equally equip them for workwear environments and the modern lifestyle. Our exclusively developed high Semi-Dress pattern pairs with a Lace-to-Toe Logger that uses our favored 55 Last for a classically shaped accommodating fit, a color-corresponding Natural CXL welt with a natural midsole along with single-row, hand-sewn stitchdown construction that exemplifies our tenants of flexibility, functionality, and longevity all wrapped into a White's.

Division Roads

British Tan CXL Semi-Dress 375

Our new Semi-Dress 375 pattern stands tall and proud in its clean and contemporary take on the original Depression-era original worn by shopkeepers and factory workers as an austere and all-purpose all-star. We re-designed the original 5" pattern for more workday-to-nightlife applications in a burnt brown British Tan CXL with a natural core from Horween; this versatile style and color will look better with each passing era. To create an approachable yet robust brown boot indispensable for daily duty, we infused a fully gusseted tongue and a backstay that transitions into a clean pull-loop, brass eyelets, a block-logger heel that has a slightly sculpted elegance, and a low profile, full traction Vibram 430 Mini Lug Sole.

Division Road

Distressed Roughout & Crazy Chief LTT Logger 375

For a standout style with a stalwart nature we bring you a tonally textured LTT Logger 375 that honors the classics popularized in the 20's by lineman and loggers. We enhanced this classic Lace-to-Toe pattern with the flesh side Distressed Roughout paired with the nubucked Crazy Chief in similar tannages from Seidel to color-correspond while enabling a contrast in finish through years of hard and heavy use. This golden, vintage, overbuilt boot boasts a streamlined aesthetic that calls attention to the classic elements of brass eyelets, a fully gusseted tongue, and a sculpted logger heel with sleek details of a closely trimmed stitchdown and low profile Vibram 430 Mini Lug Sole, well-designed for city and rural terrain.