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Division Road Feed the Need

Division Road Feed the Need
Division Road Feed the Need

Division Road's Feed-the-Need Wrap Up

Fueled by our customers support, we are grateful to be able to attempt to add a little virtue to this vicious state of affairs. As a re-cap, in March we began our Contribute Through Craft Program that allocates 10% of Gross Profits (Sales – Cost of Goods) from each month to action a direct donation plan to those disrupted by this health and economic crisis. From our Cash-in-Hand plan in March, which resulted in cash contributions of over several thousand dollars to small, local businesses and their employees, to the Feed-the-Need plan in April wherein we retained a Pioneer Square dining establishment to feed almost 300 high quality meals to residents in our local homeless shelters, there will be revolving, ongoing monthly efforts that will continue until the crisis abates. 

This month, our clients and community have once again rallied to the call and supported us in order to support others with this month's CTC Program: Feed The Need, which we have thoroughly documented once again in our Journal. This is a dire financial situation for many, and please know that your purchases with Division Road will directly benefit some of those facing the significant consequences of this crisis and will result in some grassroots good while keeping our operation, along with our employees, neighborhood, vendors, and the other concentric circles that Division Road supports, viable for the future. While we’re not saving the world, we’re doing what we can with the hope to inspire others to do the same, along with sustaining our ability to provide quality goods and collaborative ventures curated with a refined sensibility.

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Healthy Air Improvements

In April, Division Road installed a Commercial Air Purification System within our HVAC unit along with utilizing higher rated MERV filters. After researching various methods of purifying air with the goal of killing bacteria, mold, and viruses, we determined the best system is one that combines UV, Oxidation Plasma, Ionized Hydro-peroxides, Super Oxide Ions, and Hydroxide Ions that are all friendly air oxidizers and pose no health risk yet sanitize the air and surfaces. The RGF Advanced Oxidation Technology used has been proven through over 25 years of implementation and is approved and in use by the US Military, among many other international governmental and medical facilities. Along with proven reduction rates of 99.99% surface bacteria/virus, 97% airborne bacteria/mold, and 85% VOC, this system will even kill 99% of microbes in human sneezes within 3 feet. Division Road will continue to research and use technology to improve sanitation and ensure garments, packages, and our environments are beyond best practices and our business is maintaining safe conditions to continue operations.