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Viberg x DR, Iron Heart


Division Road Viberg Boondocker IronHeart

Collaboration and Releases With Viberg and Iron Heart

This is one of those weeks where we reinforce our core competency of serving collectors. Right smack in the middle of spring, we have a strong assembly of pieces from Iron Heart that are style-worthy and patina-ready, which perfectly pair with an extremely limited run Division Road Viberg Boondocker for a collectable release from our most venerable makers who specialize in producing goods that conquer any condition. Made with an infusion of military, western, and workwear inspirations for the modern man looking for sturdy, historically informed style staples, this story of dream selections comes to pass with exclusive materials, refined design elements, and over-engineered heritage builds for those who earn their collector cred by wearing truly unique pieces with purpose and fortitude.

Division Road Viberg Boondocker

Viberg x Division Road

Per usual, we start our collection with the foundation of footwear, and in that view we bring you a sui generis release of the Natural CXL Horsebutt Boondocker collaboration with Viberg. Using a single batch leather specifically tanned by Horween for this make-up, we re-imagined Viberg's elevated reproduction of the standard issue WWII N-1 Field Shoe. This rare re-imagined Boondocker comes on the newly introduced 2055 Last with an accommodative and historically appropriate Munson-based fit in a sleeker silhouette, along with the relevant military spec identifier of heavy-duty quadruple and triple natural-colored upper stitching, which coordinate with brass eyelets and a Goodyear Commando Sole. Once again, Viberg has done justice to a glorious and singular Horween CXL Horsebutt hide crafted into an iconic vintage boot that we made our own by reviving the past while stepping into the future.

Division Road IronHeart

Iron Heart

From the Iron Heart seasonal collection, we have a gang of goods that came together with a west coast flavor, bound to illicit patina props from the cult crew community. While always developing propriety fabrics for better-than-original garments made in top quality builds for the enthusiast, Iron Heart gives us a release filled with styles to boost every man's wearable, yet superior wardrobe. With a consistent theme of patina-ready pieces, we have Modified Type III Corduroy Truckers, Westerns and Work Shirts in crazy cool developments and some Serge Twill Cargo Shorts with a battlefield basis, all of which will venture to the café, concert, campgrounds, or the corner with that special swagger one has when wearing celebrated craft. So, peruse and pick through another collection of unbeatable and unbreakable pieces curated by the established experts of the extraordinary in heritage goods.

Division Road IronHeart

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