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Gift of Goods Release

Bates x DR, Hestra, Andersen-Andersen, Chup, Anonymous Ism


Collaborations and Releases with Bates, Hestra, Andersen-Andersen, CHUP, and Anonymous Ism

This week, we present our annual release of giftable goods that are more centerpieces than afterthoughts. Distinction is in the details, making our collection of caps, gloves, beanies, scarves and socks from Bates, Hestra, Andersen-Andersen, CHUP, and Anonymous Ism the curation of craft you’re looking for, appropriate for the holiday season and beyond.

Division Road Gift of Goods

With a tip of the cap, we are pleased to present another collaboration collection of London’s own Bates Hats that give a nod to the past while elevating the present in exclusively sourced Harris Tweed and Loro Piana Storm System Herringbone woolens. Back for some luxurious hand-warming are the Hestra Table Cut Handsewn Gloves, made in the original 17th century French Huguenot tradition of glove making, which provide a lifetime of durability as a wardrobe essential for the apprised gentleman.

To have your noggin decked out and neck finely wrapped in naval-grade knits, we have a boatload of Andersen-Andersen Beanies and Wide Scarves to make your winter wardrobe weather-ready with these indispensable accompaniments. Down to the toe, we have an arsenal of CHUP socks, made collectable by the cult of craft footwear with origin stories and amazing single knit patterns, paired with an assembly of supremely special staple socks with a fiber first approach from Anonymous Ism.

With the Division Road Gift of Goods treatment, you’ll have enough possibilities of wardrobe mainstays for any discerning recipient that will outshine even Rudolph’s nose. The vetting has been done, and Santa agrees, so take a journey of style to right under the tree.

Bates Hats x Division Road




Anonymous Ism