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Craft Not Crap

MotivMfg x DR, Iron Heart, Studio D’Artisan, Benzak


Division Road Craft Not Crap

Collaborations and Releases from MotivMfg, Iron Heart, Studio D'Artisan, and Benzak Denim Developers

Back with our traditional rally cry on Black Friday, we have our “Buy Craft, Not Crap” release as a direct response to this days’ notoriety for coercion of conspicuous consumption. Thankfully, we cater to connoisseurs of craftsmanship with a buy-once mentality, so this week’s release features brands that speak to our belief of procuring quality heritage goods at their fair price. From MotivMfg, Iron Heart, Studio D’Artisan, and Benzak Denim Developers, we present a curated collection of quality to mitigate the inevitable irritation and accompanying madness derived from sifting through the dizzying deluge of discounts on disposable goods.

We urge everyone to take a step back from an attractive price and look deeper at cost and value. Much of the apparel business is structured on prices designed for discounting, and even at those margins, the actual input cost is a fraction of what’s paid by a consumer. We will continue to preach that true sustainability comes from buying products once, that are made using responsibly procured raw materials, have transparent supply chains managed by honest producers, and are crafted to last for decades with a timeless appeal. So, for the folks who go the extra mile via Division Road with a well-considered wardrobe, we have the ‘CNC’ release with artisan fabrics, refined fits, and old-world workmanship from some of the best heritage producers from around the globe.

Division Road Craft Not Crap

MotivMfg x Division Road

From MotivMfg in Beijing, we bring you a response to over-consumption and mass-industrialization in China that is counterpart to the posture of heritage goods in the USA. With any one of our completely exclusive works with MotivMfg, you only have to get one of these craft collectables to understand how, from design to production, there is no other comparison. Motiv has an unmatched ability to fuse inspirations that range from the industrial era to the post-modern in anatomical designs made with remarkable artistry in fabrics that are some of the finest on the planet. From our English Covert Coat to the Swiss Army Officer, French Hunting Jacket, or Fencing Hunt Vest, each of these pieces will become a treasured essential within any elite wardrobe.

Division Road Craft Not Crap

Iron Heart

A mainstay in our CNC release and a proper representation of how, when compared to other renditions, a hefty price for an Iron Heart is undisputedly one of innate value. For this week, we bring you a tried-and-true N1 Deck Jacket coming in a sulfur dyed Black Whipcord and natural brown Alpaca Wool body lining that bridges workwear and militaria with precision. In addition, we’ve been holding some Ultra Heavy Flannels back for all those that thought they lost out with two Work Shirts in the Yellow Crazy Check and Red Classic Check that will be great additions to an extensive collection of these adored armaments, or a pure example for the inductee of how Iron Heart is, in fact, different.

Division Road Craft Not Crap

Studio D’Artisan

With over 40 years as one of the premier selvedge denim producers, Studio D'Artisan exemplifies a refined approach toward fabric production and heritage goods. Staying true to the originals and their core competency, SDA is our singular shrink-to-fit denim producer with fabrics that are easy to control and can be trusted to yield the most personalized fit in any jean. This week, we bring you one of the best Relaxed Tapered fits on the market in two specialized yarn productions loomed on the vintage G3 that yields fabrics with a natural balance of consistency and individuality. From the re-bred ancient Fox Fiber to the clay soil dyed Mother Earth, these G3 denims will astound the purist and progressive for years of development to come.

Division Road Craft Not Crap

Benzak Denim Developers

For one of the best value-oriented purchases in the denim sphere, we’ve partnered with Benzak since our founding to present a cult favorite that combines fits perfected with Dutch discernment and the high-level engineering precision of Japanese craftsmanship. With this release we give you the new High Slim 516 fit for a modern cut hallmarking the traditional in the deeply dyed, exclusive Special #1 denim that has a natural comfort and luxurious finish. Followed by our most popular High Tapered 711 in a Super Slub with clean tonal stitching for an ideal and sophisticated patina project, and finally the original Mid Slim 006 fit which accommodates a variety of body types in the venerable Green Cast denim that provides a consistent weave, ultimately yielding high contrast fading with a vintage hue.