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White’s x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we bring you a big drop of some of our most popular core-exclusive collaborations with White’s, geared toward those looking for foundational boots to brave the outdoors for a lifetime. From the beginning of our works with this legacy creator of proper, fully rebuildable footwear, we’ve brought some completely exclusive twists and tricks to the table, developed new patterns, and continue to push new make-ups through that honor the traditions of this world-renowned maker. While new is nice, these tough tested Division Road styles have proved themselves to be bold boots that will take on any excursion and activity with standout style and grace.

Cinnamon Waxed Flesh & Natural CXL LTT Logger 375

A striking boot out of the box, this LTT Logger is designed to get even better with a layered patina as the natural roughout nap of the Cinnamon Waxed Flesh reveals to tonally relate to the Natural CXL as it subtly darkens and develops deeper grain characteristics. Coming in a Lace-to-Toe Logger pattern with full functionality and a heritage look, this boot is finished with all the appropriate details that convey outdoorsman style. The double row, hand-sewn welted and stitchdown construction using a Brown CXL welt, brown midsole, and all terrain Split Commando Sole is complemented with a sculpted logger heel to forge a timeless trekking boot made for the woods and beyond.

British Tan CXL Semi-Dress 375

As new legend, this make-up commemorates the first adaptation in decades of the classic White’s Semi-Dress with a higher 7” pattern to yield a style appropriate for main street, the workshop, and the outdoors alike. This dutiful boot with a subtle sophistication utilizes a burnt brown British Tan CXL to provide a versatile palette to our cleanly configured, high quarter Semi-Dress pattern with a linear stitched-in heel counter. Given a single hand welted stitchdown assembly for flexibility and modern proportions with a tonal Natural CXL welt and midsole atop the Vibram Mini Lug Sole with a blocked logger heel, this combo transects concrete to creek-side in a design that hallmarks the original with a refined format.

Black CXL Logger 350

Our first collaboration with White’s comes back in the signature Black CXL with a natural core that will evolve to an ebonized patina for a black boot with rich warmth. In a formulaic make-up, this style is dressed up with refined aesthetic sensibilities and maintains a commanding disposition that speaks to the White’s work boot built for the outdoors. A pattern almost as old as the maker, this Logger comes with specifications true to its dutiful nature with a cap toe, double row welted stitchdown, rounded logger counter paired with a sculpted heel and our signature color matched hand welt-to-midsole finishing in dark brown, all atop a Split Commando Sole for a style that will turn heads at the union hall and conquer the woodlands.

 Natural CXL Cruiser 350

To conclude this core exclusive collage, we bring our OG Natural CXL Cruiser back with a cleanly configured design that pays tribute to the White’s Logger with refinements that will evolve along with the hide itself. Given a sleek, low profiled counter and a quarter that comes further into the vamp, this adapted pattern looks like it’s strutting while standing still. Through hard wear, the Natural CXL upper will darken and more closely relate to the upper framing Brown CXL welt and brown midsole finishing. With a traditional logger heel and Split Commando Sole assembled with hand welted stitchdown construction, this collectable collaboration will cruise and crush the comparisons and journey wherever you want to venture.