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Crockett & Jones x DR, De Bonne Facture, S.N.S. Herning



Collaborations and Releases with Crockett & Jones, De Bonne Facture, and S.N.S. Herning

This week, we have a fashion-forward presentation of artisanal goods made by a trio of European brands that represent their respective region in design and production with Crockett & Jones, De Bonne Facture, and an introduction of S.N.S. Herning. Craft and style combine in this release of collaborations with Crockett & Jones, known as England’s hallmark maker for the countryside spy.

Presenting tailored garments for the new-heritage era straight from the stylish streets of Paris, we bring daily staple specialties in Boiled Wool and Undyed Shepherd’s Check from De Bonne Facture. And hailing from Denmark we introduce S.N.S. Herning — the longest-running, family-owned legacy producer of the Fisherman sweater and bobble knit that continues to leverage tradition to advance knitwear. These European All-Stars produce collectable and wearable goods, facilitated by their ability to transform a quality imperative into lasting pieces that are completely current.

Crockett & Jones x Division Road

As the premium English example of refined Goodyear welted production invented and maintained in Northampton, Crockett & Jones has been the gentlemen’s dress-focused footwear of choice for over a century. Improving upon their benchmark standards from pattern matching to Last, hand selecting hides and developing exclusive tanning recipes, and adhering to strict quality control with each stage down to finishing, C&J sets the tone of what one can expect in elegant lifetime footwear.

Over the years and in a less formal world, Crockett & Jones continues to explore a unique and cultured perspective on casual styles that are as effortless as they are exceptionally made. As one of the few collaboration catalogs of Crockett & Jones in the world, Division Road presents another triad of styles made with handgrade precision, outdoor durability, and heritage polish that bridges the old and new as well as the rural and refined.

De Bonne Facture

At the onset of each season, it’s impossible not to get excited about the natural simplicity and cool class that De Bonne Facture consistently communicates with distinctive vision in fiber, fabric, fit, and fashion. Each collection is inspired by arcane influences that can range from regional, literary, artistic, architectural, to cultural.

This season is no different, featuring an abstract interpretation of Brittany’s landscapes and the Côte de Granit Rose, De Bonne Facture’s ability to blend strong goods with soft elegance to embody the rustic and the luxurious is on full display. Making DBF more than just another fashion label is their uncompromised position on traceability, ethical practices, and sustainability from fiber to fabric and an undying commitment to regional artisan production in order to create soulful garments that are not only treasures in a wardrobe but take the high road to high style.

S.N.S. Herning

We are pleased to present the longest-running link to the Danish Fisherman sweater with this nearly century-old, family-owned knitwear specialist that utilizes machines and recipes from the 1950’s while engineering and evolving garments with modern aesthetics and functionality. Founded by Soren Nielsen Skyt in Herning, Denmark in 1931, S.N.S. HERNING has become a trademark representative of "bobble" knit patterns that increase insulation, breathability, and elasticity in outdoor wool knitwear.

By refining dimensional and jacquard knitting, this producer has become a fashion-forward example of timeless, traditional heritage advanced for new generations. For our first curated collection, we give you goods that embody this heritage-to-modern evolution with the Rank-II Crewneck inspired by military sweaters from the 70’s, the Engram Crewneck that boasts four seamlessly transitioned traditional knit patterns, and the Epigon Cardigan that takes a design-centric knit from the 80’s and refashions it into an avant-garde shawl.