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Country Grandpa Core

White’s x DR, Dehen 1920 x DR, Gitman Vintage x DR, The Quartermaster


Collaborations and Releases with White’s, Dehen 1920, Gitman Vintage, and The Quartermaster

This week, we have a collection of collaborations and curated pieces to give you that grandpa hipster style-vibe in a palette coordinated to the season’s spectacular countryside color changes. These versatile and timeless pieces are made with old-world methods for new-world style. With one new special make-up and one tried-and-true configuration from White’s Boots, an exclusive material development in our classic collabs with Dehen 1920, two seasonal Gitman Vintage fabrics in various palettes and patterns with Division Road specifications, and one of our most anticipated brand introductions of the season with The Quartermaster, this is a full-on fall-forward release of foundational pieces for any heritage-inspired wardrobe.

White’s x Division Road

Beginning with the foundation, we bring you our final collaborations of the season from White’s with tough, cool trekkers that are crafted with tradition and wild patina potential for venturing from the woods to the watering hole. The new Cinnamon Waxed Flesh LTT Cutter 350 comes on the Northwest Last with contrasting stitching, a tonally configured hand-welt, and double row stitchdown construction on our favorite Vibram 2060 industrial walking sole. Our high-statured and high-minded Semi-Dress 375 in Brown Waxed Flesh is back in full stock with a cleanly coordinated single row Natural CXL hand-welted stitchdown, natural midsole, Half Composition split sole, and a block-logger heel.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

Nearly four years in the making, we bring you a new development with Dehen 1920 that leverages their vintage machines to produce a four-end mélange knit to yield material with exceptional character at a quality standard only achievable through what many would consider obsolete methods. Our exclusive Shawl Cardigan, Collegiate Cardigan, and Crewneck Sweater debut this two-color mélange made with planned irregularity that highlights patterning unique to this completely vertical, in-house worsted wool knitter. This is another series showing that Dehen continues to evolve stylish, heavy-duty sweaters and Division Road continues to push for new co-creations aimed at those authentically cool dudes wearing traditionally made goods, made better.


Gitman Vintage x Division Road

Rounding out the shirting stash for the season we bring you two Gitman Vintage fabrications from their Japanese mill that are certain to go into the annual autumn archives. The Herringbone Flannel in both Navy and Red takes a traditional pattern to the next level with softness, warmth, and casual, comforting style in our Camper Shirt pattern with a concealed button-down collar, dual chest pockets, and back shoulder pleats. The multi-patterned Cotton Tweed Check interweaves a herringbone and plaid with slub yarns brushed for a soft and sturdy feel, coming in Green, Tan, and Red for updated classic palettes that achieve the difficult balance of looking fresh and weathered at the same time.

The Quartermaster

For vintage enthusiasts seeking an advanced military and workwear-inspired arsenal, we bring you The Quartermaster. Inspired by a vast archive of vintage pieces collected over generations, Gianpaolo and Jonathan Targetti reproduce timeless garments in Italy with artisanal and sustainable methods. With a focus on fabric production, The Quartermaster ensures traceability through the entire supply chain from the raw natural materials used to developing sustainable premium recycled fibers, and leveraging deadstock military and workwear fabrics that add to the durability, longevity, and rarity of their craft. Enabling this achievement of vertical production from fiber to garment is their partnership with a local mill and artisan workshop in Tuscany to produce pieces with enduring style and quality.