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Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we have two Viberg collaborations focused on wearability, patina potential, and the subtleties of luxury goods made with dependable quality. These two Service Boot make-ups are designed and crafted as cleanly configured options for daily wear using Horween’s Cypress leather. This new recipe is an evolution of Horween’s vegetable tanning. It provides a tightened grain with high character, a clean break, natural color profiles, and a hand-waxed finish for pliability and a slight sheen. The result is a leather akin to a fine antique that will become unique to the wearer, with deep levels of patina reflecting an individual journey. These collaborations result from high design and precise craft coming together in boots with durability and style that will last a lifetime.

English Tan Cypress 2020 Service Boot

In a dress guise that will adapt to Western wear and tailoring equally, the English Tan Cypress Service Boot is a fresh take on a classic that’s sure to become a treasure for those with a casual-vintage or fully directional lean. The anatomically designed dress shape of the 2020 Last is complemented with small brass eyelets, and the new split Dainite sole enhances this boot's proportional lines and curved elements.


Brown Nut Cypress 2030 Service Boot

The Brown Nut Cypress Service Boot boasts a simple and sophisticated execution with a hyper-versatile color and configuration that will coordinate easily, undoubtedly destined to become well-worn and well-loved by minimalists and collectors alike. The signature 2030 Last provides an iconic dress-casual shape in a make-up designed to highlight the leather’s natural character and patina, complemented with brass eyelets and the year-round-appropriate Ridgeway sole.