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Viberg x Division Road Collaborations 

This week, we are pleased to introduce our iterations of the Viberg Sneaker. These collaboratively configured styles stem from a project to evolve tradition and legacy, resulting in the world’s finest enduring luxury footwear. The Charcoal Phoenix & Milkshake Suede Sneaker provides a contrasting color and textured combination, while the Camel Oiled Calf and Bison Calf Suede Sneaker gives a forward and tonally designed take on this throwback street style made to combat all conditions from concrete to trail. Few can adapt traditional materials and construction for the future of heritage goods—these rare collaborations on the Sneaker hallmark Viberg’s progression of the craft. 

Inspired by a project begun over a decade ago and using Nike sneaker patterns from the 1980s and 1990s, along with a passion for all things footwear, Brett Viberg determined that it was possible to produce a vertically made sneaker in their factory with the same level of craft and substantial nature as their boots. This idea became an obsession, and years were spent in development, leading to learnings, materials, techniques, and machinery that informed Viberg's actions across all products. Akin to how the technology, design, and engineering of a Formula 1 car inform the production, the Sneaker development paved paths into refining everything from the Last design and pattern making to improved components and processes from lasting to upper stitching that are now synonymous with this manufacturing brand.

So many of the elements of this product are unique. The finest premium leathers are used for the upper and the linings are full kip leather, while molded natural leather toe and heel counters and hand-lasted channeled insoles with natural cork fill are applied to the adapted Goodyear construction. All components lend authentic luxury through longevity and re-craftability. There is nothing in the market like Viberg’s sneakers. In honor of its importance in the Viberg journey, we commemorate the story through these Sneaker collaborations rarely offered by Viberg with two make-ups that realize the vision with polished street style.

CF Stead Charcoal Phoenix & Milkshake Calf Suede Sneaker

For a contrasting combination of color and texture that represents forward heritage, we present the Charcoal Milkshake Sneaker. Using our formula that enhances the improved throwback patterning of grain leather on the vamp overlay, counter, and reversed heel tab and suede for the body, this shoe has a proportional balance with an aggressive street-ready black Fuga sole prepared to stride with swagger.


CF Stead Camel Oiled Calf & Bison Calf Suede Sneaker 

Looking to take on the forest with fortitude, we give you the tonally configured Camel Bison Sneaker with an earthy palette that will patina with poise. With an Oiled Calf upper coordinated with the Janus Calf suede, this shoe gives the subtle sophistication of finish and texture with a rock-ready Fuga sole for a gorpcore grail that delivers true craft and luxury to hike-ready ensembles.