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MotivMfg x Division Road Collaborations

This week, we highlight our continued work with MotivMfg. Our winter-to-pre-spring capsule collection evokes military, workwear, and industrial-era tailoring to yield ensembles focused on function, durability, and style armor for the urban landscape. Whether traversing inspirations from eras or nations, our projects and developments with MotivMfg are designed and made to be the future heritage goods that reflect the profound character of the wearer who chooses to explore style through craft.

This collection hallmarks the introduction of our American Vector Bomber using the Fox Brothers® Covert Cloth, a worsted wool that made this mill famous through the invention of cording over 200 years ago, applied to a piece that fuses WWII Tanker and Bomber jackets with anatomical articulation and a design-centric approach. Our favorite Swiss Army Cargos return to the frontlines with the Abraham Moon® Merino Twill and the Fox Brothers® limited bolt Tweed Twill.

The French Rapide Jacket takes on a draped disposition in the A. Moon Merino Twill. Serving as a tailored mid-layer in winter and outerwear in spring and fall, this commuter-inspired piece is adapted for today’s lifestyle. For an urban workwear ensemble just as good as separates, we have the new and completely exclusive MotivMfg Donegal Selvedge Denim development in the French Rapide and Worker Trousers, providing an exceptional feel and unique character in an essential palette.

With a shared philosophy around incorporating eclectic influences and inspirations, each collaboration collection with MotivMfg is distinct, adaptable, and supremely crafted, culminating in extraordinary style artillery applicable to multiple ensembles. This timeless uniform is presented with a military and workwear palette and inspirations that illustrate the transformation of French, Swiss, and American vintage originals into standout pieces for all those cosmopolitan, cool-style guys looking to coordinate unique compositions.