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Heritage for the Holidays

EasyMoc x DR, The Workers Club x DR, Andersen-Andersen, Iron Heart


Collaborations and Releases with EasyMoc, The Workers Club, Andersen-Andersen, and Iron Heart

As we approach the end of the year, with grand festivities just around the corner and time evaporating quicker than ever, we have a release to give pause and ensure you get your assembly of heritage goods in time for the holidays. This curation of collaborations and super special selects is all about grabbing that must-have piece — or two — for our troves while we also hunt for others.

Most of us are apprehensive about putting many items we desire on gift lists and engaging in the oft-futile activity of explaining cost vs. value, how unique the piece is, or the required immediacy of purchase due to the limited nature of the goods we hunt. Not to mention the risk associated with the remorse of missing out on that one-and-done singularity. However, just as gifts to others should be considered, we only want to splurge on ourselves over the holidays if the item is exceptional and rare. With that in mind, we present a curation of limited-run goods as the finest examples of garments evolved for a character-rich, contemporary wardrobe.

EasyMoc x Division Road

With EasyMoc, we have a limited run of a special development Greg Cordeiro produced just for Division Road — without any involvement from us — but rather as a tribute to our influential point of view towards aesthetic utility. We are deeply honored to introduce the Rangeley Boot with a first and hyper-collectible, one-time iteration using Adirondack Grizzly from Seidel and vintage US Navy Deck Overalls repurposed for the quarter paneling, tongue, and wool flannel lining. Produced by Maine’s finest hand-sewn moccasin maker, this triple vamp, double bottom, new boot pattern is inspired by the Maine outdoors with endless modern styling applications in the city streets.

Iron Heart

Right in time for cold weather, Iron Heart delivers Ultra Heavy Flannels and a new A2 Deck Jacket masterfully designed and made by Japan’s best at creating above and beyond workwear. In a rare break from our normal curations, we give you the seasonally limited Brown Crazy Check Ultra Heavy Flannel in both the Western and Work Shirt patterns, as this complex check and vintage palette is beautifully suited to both versions. In the N1 Deck Jacket chronology, we have the Navy’s 1960s replacement, up-produced by Iron Heart in a military-appropriate Olive Drab Green Whipcord with a full wool flannel-lined body and sleeves.

The Workers Club x Division Road

Coming with some of our favorite works from England and Japan, The Workers Club hits with another refined capsule collection of collabs. The Division Road developed Jericho Harrington is back in three different fabric ways, including a restock on our original Marling & Evans® Undyed Natural Wool Herringbone, a heavier M&E Charcoal Merino Herringbone woolen overcoating, and a Tobacco Corsaro Dry Waxed cloth iteration in a bold, yet versatile all-season staple. Then we have the final run of our custom, artisan distressed 2-Year Wash in the TWCxDR 005 Relaxed Tapered fit that has become the go-to denim for many style and craft enthusiasts.


We have some transitional pieces from Andersen-Andersen that can adapt throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons in their luxurious naval-grade knits. The new Marine Polo comes expertly finished in a fine 12-gauge jersey A-A has been working on for years to provide the same durability as their sweaters in a lighter-weight shirt. We bring you the Skipper Vest in the natural plant-dyed Dark Indigo and undyed Natural Brown Patagonia Merino shear for those core cool guys who want some provenance to their style pieces, along with the Work Jacket in the double pique knit that feels light on the body with a natural drape while maintaining its form and structure.