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Covert Luxury

Crockett & Jones x DR, Studio D’Artisan


Collaborations and Releases with Crockett & Jones and Studio D’Artisan

This week, we bring you considered goods that convey the spirit of casual luxury and the power of artisan craftsmanship with Crockett & Jones Waxed Roughout Suede Sandhurst collaborations and collectable ensemble of new classics from Studio D'Artisan. Our Waxed Tank Sandhurst Pack is back in Black Roughout Suede paired with a fresh Dark Brown iteration, both balancing a military disposition with English gentleman refinement. From SDA we have their take on traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques iterated into contemporary wear with the new Amami Dorozome Mud Dyed Short Sleeve Sashiko Shirts and a full restock on the SD-108 Relaxed Tapered in the 100 Series selvedge denim.

Studio D’Artisan

Steeped in Japanese craftsmanship tradition and sealed with a modern sensibility, this release of Studio D'Artisan emphasizes unique fabric developments achieved by vintage and ancient techniques. We introduce the Amami Dorozome Mud Dyed Sashiko Check Short Sleeve Shirt in both Brown and Dark Brown with a woven large-scale check and a modern, tailored camp cut and collar. Amami Dorozome, a unique mud dyeing technique native to Amami Oshima Island, involves multiple soakings in plant-derived dyes and mineral-rich mud, giving each garment a dynamic range of deep earth tones that evolves over time. Coupled with this time-honored dyeing method is the use of Sashiko, a woven and embroidery style originating from traditional Japanese workwear and martial arts garments that boasts a distinctive stitch and textured weave that brings an unexpected level of sophisticated character and comfort.

Next, we have the SD-108 Relaxed Tapered that hallmarks SDA’s original Series 100 Selvedge Denim that helped establish Japan as one of the best in the world when it comes to reproducing and improving shuttle loomed denim. The Series 100 fabric is synonymous with this 40-year-old vertical producer and is known for its crisp, high contrast fading properties and consistent structure that conforms to and evolves with the wearer to become a unique demonstration of life and style, while the Relaxed Tapered (08) fit remains one of the best versions of this modern, body-versatile cut.

    Crockett & Jones x Division Road

    The Crockett & Jones x Division Road Sandhurst collaborations are a testament to the power of subtle coordination and enduring appeal of covert casual luxury. The pairing uses Charles F. Stead Roughout Suede comprised of calf sides hand selected for their supple and dense grain qualities, which in the tanning process have a dry wax adhered to the moderately sanded nap to give a weather resistant matte finish that will patina as the nap reveals and provides texture and tone to these clean configurations. Furthering the military story of our Waxed Roughout Tank Sandhursts are tonal storm welts combined with the cleated Carrarmato sole that was inspired by tank tread designs and comes from a pedigree responsible for the founding of Vibram.

    Originally developed with Pirelli tires, the “Armored Car” translation perfectly describes this lug sole, which remains durable in the most extreme conditions while having profound traction, flexibility, and comfort in a long-lasting compound designed for daily wear on concrete streets or in the fields. Balancing the commanding proportions, these make-ups are molded on the 325 Last with a classically English, sleek shape and comfortable fit for an officer in dress or battle uniform. Each with a unique personality, the Dark Brown Roughout Suede Sandhurst has a spy game sophistication with a rugged outdoorsman utility, while the Black Roughout Suede Sandhurst presents a shadowy contrast to its companion. With tonal harmony and artisan quality, these C&J x DR collabs stand ready to elevate any outfit from the common to the captivating with whispers of subtle luxury.