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Super Monkey MVP Pack

Tricker's x DR


Tricker’s x Division Road Collaborations

We are pleased to introduce the third edition of a Tricker’s x Division Road cult collector favorite – The Super Monkey Boot. This collaboration series is beloved by our team and core clients alike for the endless new-vintage styling possibilities afforded by a timeless street-sportswear design on traditional goodyear welted footwear. Even though these packs are limited productions of one-and-done make-ups, due to the exceptional comfort and adaptable high-style of this design and build, someone, somewhere is sporting these on the daily (often here at DR HQ), making every day Super Monkey Day. The MVP Super Monkey Boot series highlights some of our favorite Charles F. Stead leathers to honor the early 1900’s sporting foundation and chronology of the All-Star footwear form. Coming in a rare Bone Nubuck Kudu, the treasured matte Black Unicorn, and the staple and sturdy Snuff Suede, each of these make-ups hallmarks the debut offerings of the original basketball sneaker through premium materials, uncompromised hand-grade craft, and what has proved to be one of the most timeless silhouettes in footwear.

CFS Bone Nubuck Kudu Super Monkey Boot

In limited edition, we bring you the Bone Nubuck Kudu Super Monkey a.k.a. ‘Magic’ with a bright star personality ready for showtime style. Coming in a rare, small batch lot of vintage white, the Nubuck Kudu from CF Stead has a super-supple sanded grain that allows surface protection and reveals the natural characteristics of these wild animal hides while providing a clean canvas for continuous patina. This over-the-top Super Monkey Boot is configured with brass eyelets, a tonally complemented natural leather storm welt in Tricker’s comprehensive outdoor appropriate and lifetime build, grounded in the off-white Vibram Morflex that will glide with grace and glamour.

CFS Black Unicorn Super Monkey Boot

We’re pleased to debut a new and improved version of a classic boot iteration by way of the Black Unicorn Super Monkey, a.k.a. ‘Bird in Black,’ coming with serious style and a stalwart nature. We used one of our favorite leathers, the Black Unicorn from CF Stead. Nubuck sanded elk hides are waxed to a matte finish yielding unique grain patterns and making the black palette a no-fail forward and formidable foundation to any ensemble. This sophisticated make-up is kept clean and commanding with a natural leather storm welt, nickel eyelets, and the Vibram Morflex sole for a make-up that crosses eras of sportswear and sub-culture fashion with legendary effect.

CFS Snuff Suede Super Monkey Boot

Going back to the All-Star roots with a light brown base and white detailing, we bring you the Snuff Suede Super Monkey, a.k.a. ‘The Genesis,’ for a drastic evolution on vintage inspiration. This make-up uses CF Stead’s classic and improved Repello Suede, now infused with Gum Oil to offer weather protection and a more natural, luxurious nap in a full weight calf suede. Coming in a golden-brown Snuff that proves to be a signature and versatile weapon in the menswear style offense, this Super Monkey is completed with our original Flexi-welt for a lightweight and flexible configuration. Paired to the featherweight Vibram Morflex sole this boot is a subtle, yet special style staple designed for the everyman.