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Tricker's Super Monkey Boot - 5402 - Morflex - CF Stead Bone Nubuck Kudu


Super Monkey Boot - 5402 - Morflex - CF Stead Bone Nubuck Kudu



The Tricker's x Division Road Super Monkey Boot is an exclusive pattern development in collaboration with the definitive maker of English Country footwear and uses C.F. Stead's Bone Nubuck Kudu leather for the upper paired with a natural leather storm welt and Vibram Morflex Christy sole to create a new, contemporary classic. The storied C.F. Stead is known for their specialized tanning process of these South African antelope hides that are remarkably flexible, strong, and have distinct grain characteristics unique to wild animals. The hides are enhanced with a sanded grain that allows the stuffed waxes to renew the surface, resulting in a soft, matte finish with protective qualities and significant patina potential. The Monkey Boot was initially designed pre-WWII as a general lace-to-toe pattern with various military-issue applications, from training footwear to infantry service boots. Popularized by mod, punk, and ska style cultures with original examples showing up in army surplus stores in the 50s through the 70s, Tricker's redesigned their version based on the vintage boots found and adopted by these alternative British music and style culture scenes. This exclusive Division Road pattern has been adapted for the new style era with a higher quarter and additional brass eyelets. It is stripped of all its detailing to closely hallmark the original while relating to a more modern, street-casual aesthetic. The Super Monkey Boot's contemporary silhouette is achieved by using the 5402R Last, which has an urban dress shape with a rounded toe that accommodates a variety of foot types. Evolving the sneaker-boot design with a robust build, we used a natural storm welt atop the featherweight European-made Vibram Morflex Christy sole to yield a simple backstage-to-blacktop focused super boot that combines handgrade build-quality with a modern streetwear form. This boot has undergone 260 individual steps in which craftspeople use a mulling concoction to infuse the uppers with oils, a wooden shank, a corking compound from a century-old recipe, and exquisite English finishing. As England's oldest shoemaker, Royal warrant holder, originator of the country boot, and one of the first and few still utilizing traditional Goodyear welting to the highest standards of quality in the industry, a Tricker's truly is made to last a lifetime in all conditions.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Bone Nubuck Kudu Leather - C.F. Stead (UK)
  • 5402R Last
  • Leather Lining
  • Brass Eyelets
  • Wood Shank & Cork Filled Insole
  • Natural Storm Welt
  • Vibram Morflex Christy Sole
  • Tricker's x Division Road Collaboration Stamp
  • Ecru Nylon & Tan Nylon Laces
  • Goodyear Welted Construction
  • Limited Release
  • Handcrafted in England


Tricker’s UK sizing is listed and as a general sizing rule, we suggest you select (1) size down from a common US boot and shoe, or (1.5) sizes down from a US sneaker to the listed UK size. The 5402R is a sleek boot Last and corresponds to various foot types as long as the right size is obtained.

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About Tricker's

Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, Tricker’s is the longest established shoemaker in England approaching 200 years of quality footwear production and is recognized as the maker of choice for heavy country boots. Joseph Tricker’s son-in-law, Walter James Barltrop, created the first model of the now famous waterproof country boot in 1848, when he was just seven years old. Barltrop propelled a second key innovation at Tricker’s when he introduced the Goodyear Welting machine at the turn of the 20th... View All Tricker's Products