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Tricker's Autumn Revival

Seattle, WA, USA

A Division Road Collaboration Perspective

To the long-time collector of hand-grade footwear, there is no question of why we carry and collaborate with Tricker’s. This brand, a manufacturer at heart, is well known to the heritage community in Japan and Europe and is regarded as some of the best dollar-for-dollar, yen-to-yen, or euro-to-euro footwear available in the marketplace. In the United States, however, Tricker’s is a relatively unknown commodity outside of the collector core. Division Road aims to change this as the true and authentic legacy, construction quality, stylistic flexibility, and work boot durability of a Tricker’s is a unique combination and offering that cannot be replicated.

Sure, we make good stuff in the states, but Northampton is the birthplace of industrial shoe manufacturing and Tricker’s was one of the original manufacturers from this shire of shoes, utilizing traditional Goodyear welting there since the late 1800’s. Still family owned for coming up on two hundred years, Tricker’s has not compromised any of their century-old techniques, offshored their processes, or made adaptations in order to make their products more relevant for the fashion market or light duty wear.

In fact, this is the precise reasoning that has driven some influential designers like Junya Watanabe to collaborate with Tricker’s and utilize their styles to spearhead work and country wear inspired designs for over a decade, and to carry this relationship on to Comme des Garçons. Thom Browne used Tricker’s in his first and subsequent signature collections to communicate the new urban prep look and the modern silhouette that he pioneered and for which he's so well known. Attracted by their ability to produce lifetime footwear in a stylistic direction that's a definitive cross between the rugged and refined; and, when used in an ensemble, can transform the modern and vintage aesthetic into a definitively post-modern look, SOPHNET, nonnative, Belstaff, and most recently Todd Snyder have all done work with Tricker’s.

 For these reasons among many others, Division Road has made Tricker’s part of our core offering in footwear and our exclusive collaborations with the brand represent these same influences of dress-style finishing combined with old world techniques to create footwear with depth, weight, and purpose. Our make-ups hallmark the heritage and original uses for hunting and marsh tromping while touching upon these more recent and significant fashion iterations to grant footwear options that will become rotation staples in anyone’s collection because of their ability to transform an outfit.

In this vein and as an addition to a restock of our core exclusives with Tricker’s, we bring you two new Autumn to Spring appropriate styles in the form of our Tricker’s x Division Road Snuff Repello Suede Low Leg Logger and Coffee Burnished Eaton Boot. In rich medium brown leathers and our signature details of the natural Barbour welt and midsole, yellow pull, and lace offerings, these will be the classic, sturdy, aggressive and distinctive boots that will pair with any ensemble. Guaranteed to get you more complements than any other footwear out there, a Tricker’s takes style and tradition to the next level: one that many others can just hope to imitate.