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Luxe Ranch Capsule Collection

Virginia, USA

The Modern Bucolic Life

Much has changed over the last year, and we’ve adapted to fashion a new environment that goes beyond retail for a more immersive experience. In the end, our aim is to continue to evolve our presentation of goods that accommodate a range of lifestyles, all enabled by traditional quality craftsmanship distilled into a modern, timeless aesthetic. To hallmark Division Road’s journey to the fields, the Luxe Ranch annual capsule collection embodies the union of refined style and rugged utility from the street to the barn.

Division Road's LXR Luxe Ranch Capsule Collection

From our original home in the Pacific Northwest, we embarked on an expedition to find a place to establish new roots. After an exhaustive exploration, we found a new home in Virginia that allowed Division Road to grow in unique and different ways, within a community that shared many terrestrial and cosmopolitan values through a regard for culture, history, industry, land, and lifestyle. Looking forward, we will never forget our foundations in and love for Seattle while we continue along the Division Road.

From street life to farm life, our trajectory is a novel one. We’ve settled in a new land with a completely different environment from that of our past. As a true city dwelling company and crew, the type of place to which we often would retreat from the noise and melee is where we are now headquartered. What takes years and decades to master, we are trying to achieve in much shorter duration. And while we will fail and learn, there is exhilaration in that growth process and being able to look with fresh and unfiltered eyes towards the land and our responsibility as stewards.

One of our chief aims in this transition was to do something valuable and distinctive, and that extends both to how we approach this new setting and how our Division Road Army will engage and experience this place once we launch next year. This endeavor is designed to connect the virtual and physical experience for our clients, transporting you from online at home or in office to the forest and fields. This authentic communication of what we see, live, and accomplish will allow those that visit to create a lasting and durable connection to Division Road and the goods we provide.

Our company is built upon our clients having a genuine and informed experience, and now we apply that to a new vision of this true destination. This means being stewards of the land through creating a balance between considered cultivation and engagement and between industry and land, naturally blending luxury into a rural setting. Ironically, this is not a far leap as our whole approach is taking pieces that are crafted for resilience and refining them with an elevated point of view to increase value, utility, and of course, style.

Our position towards elegantly and respectfully shaping this environment and curating the experience to follow aligns with the formula of how we approach and consider our goods. By utilizing materials provided by nature and forming techniques honed and honored by time, we look to generate a style inspired by the classics and polished with a sophisticated viewpoint.

In that vein, we present this year’s Luxe Ranch cross-collaboration project partnership with Cromford Leather Co., De Bonne Facture, MotivMfg, Iron Heart, and Viberg resulting in a collection of goods made with a military and workwear backbone to meet the tough conditions of ranch life, yet advanced enough in design to live well beyond the fields.

  1. Division Road Cromford Black Shearling Parka
  2. Division Road Cromford Black Shearling Parka
  3. Division Road Cromford Black Shearling Parka
  4. Division Road Cromford Black Shearling Parka


Our capsule collection projects often start with one piece that becomes the guiding theme of the collection, and the Black Hurricane Shearling Boss Parka is certainly that icon. Designed with a “what if” rather than a “we can do better” mentality, the Boss Parka is a completely exclusive design and pattern we created because it didn’t exist. We felt there was a need for a shearling coat that would match the conditions of the outdoors while providing showstopping style on the street. We informed every design element for this perfectly fitted parka: Clean contemporary lines and over-the-top details with a minimalist’s mentality are crafted by hand, one at a time in London by Cromford, an unmatched leatherworks specialist. The Boss Parka has been executed with a tailor’s precision in single batch Merino Shearling hides specially ordered for this piece, with a hand-dyed coal black flesh side that has been sanded and waxed for protection and a luxurious hand, contrasted with an undyed natural, high curl shear interior. Taking over two years to develop and craft to perfection, the LXR Shearling Boss Parka is well worth the effort as a symbol of what our version of luxury can be: Performance in the outdoors with the ability to transform for any outing with a casual sophistication.

  1. Division Road De Bonne Facture
  2. Division Road De Bonne Facture
  3. Division Road De Bonne Facture
  4. Division Road De Bonne Facture

De Bonne Facture

Staying on the expedition of versatile outerwear, we had been in discussions with De Bonne Facture for some time about a new pattern they had been working on that caught our attention. A long cardigan can offer a lot of adaptability and exploration in a wardrobe via endless styling and utility. Always looking for new styles that convert from outerwear to layering pieces and having a long-time fascination with belted garments while working on some of these patterns ourselves, we had to explore this Cardigan Jacket for our annual capsule collection. Looking to introduce the style with a durable and almost aged appearance relevant to the luxury-meets-ranch lifestyle, we are pleased to debut the Grey Glencheck Washed Wool Cardigan Jacket. This collaboration takes inspiration from dress robes and overcoats with a perfected cut and length in a minimalist design reflected with an elongated shawl collar, large patch front pockets, and a simple fold over belted closure to maintain an adventure in styling with endless potential. To maximize the drape in a substantial cloth, this LXR Cardigan Jacket comes in a washed and brushed woolen milled in Italy out of pure virgin Scottish wool, fashioning an indispensable extravagance made to withstand and adapt to ranch life in style.

  1. Division Road Luxe Ranch MotivMfg Button Down Shirts
  2. Division Road MotivMfg Pocket Detail
  3. Division Road MotivMfg Collar Detail
  4. Division Road MotivMfg Pocket Detail


Another project that has taken years to perfect is a staple shirt pattern with MotivMfg that allows both heavy and lightweight fabrics to be utilized to transform a style from overshirt to button down and offer seasonless convertibility. As all of our works with MotivMfg are refined from fit to fabric in very complicated formulas, and sometimes the simplest designs can take the longest. We’re pleased finally to debut the American Camp Shirt for another timeless wardrobe addition that borrows inspiration from industrial-era work shirts and depression-era outdoor sporting shirts. Coming to fruition in a perfected form, this development comes in an all-season, 6 oz. weight Japanese Slub Cotton Linen Broadcloth loomed in an undyed Natural Twill and Charcoal Poplin to provide even more completely exclusive Neo-classic styles for our Division Road Army style soldiers. This tailored classic cut allows you to size based on primary function as a base or layering piece, and comes with a signature curved pocket and buttoned flap front to hallmark the original inspirations, dual back shoulder pleats for movement and drape, and dual barrel cuffs. As good button downs continue to disappear from the world, we are honored to bring the LXR American Camp Shirt to the forefront in the west by the tailor-made ways of the east.

  1. Division Road Iron Heart Double Front Work Pants
  2. Division Road Iron Heart Double Front Work Pants
  3. Division Road Iron Heart Double Front Work Pants
  4. Division Road Iron Heart Double Front Work Pants

Iron Heart

Every year we are grateful to get a little bit deeper into collaboration works with Iron Heart and Haraki in a continuing journey to evolve the over-engineered into a lifestyle that can go from workshop to studio. From last year’s capsule collection development to this one, we bring a classic back with an original formula, tailored for today with the Mocha Military Serge Twill Tradesman Double Front trouser. Utilizing the fit of the 888 as a baseline for our Classic Tapered, this authentic work pant accommodates a wide variety of body and style profiles with immensely durable triple chainstitched construction that’s brass riveted and bartacked throughout to make this a fully functional, workwear-level piece. Coming in a more traditional tan brown, the 13 oz. Military Serge Twill is sulfur dyed to patina overtime and communicate its duties with an aged perfection, soften while maintaining form and structure, and endure the labor and life of the countryside. For a go-to trouser that will turn from the daily grind to the coffee shop and communicate a value of craft and style, the LXR Tradesman Double Front is a signature piece for those looking for workwear with an improved vision.

  1. Division Road Viberg Shinki Black Boondocker
  2. Division Road Viberg Shinki Black Boondocker
  3. Division Road Viberg Shinki Black Boondocker


No one will be surprised that a foundational piece to one of our capsule collections is a Viberg, a frequent collaborator since our first annual cross-collab project upon the launch of Division Road. However, this will be the last collaboration with Viberg for the near-term as production realities and a focus towards direct offerings has taken special make-ups off the table for a while. As the last collab to come out of Viberg for the next season or so, we bring you a big bang Black Shinki Horsebutt Boondocker that honors this partnership’s reputation to redefine heritage. To imbue a rugged utility with sophistication, we took a rare, limited batch Shinki Horsebutt that’s been hand dyed to black with a natural core to provide patina potential in a highly finished and grain-heavy hide for all those brave enough to battle the elements with collectable craft. The military inspiration of the N-1 Deck Boot Boondocker is maintained with a stoic subtlety using a tonal black thread on the heavy-duty quad and triple stitched upper, formed on the sophisticated Munson-based 2055 Last for an elegant iteration of a military form. Paired with brass eyelets, a natural midsole, and a Goodyear commando sole, the LXR Boondocker will conquer the outdoors and serve elevated ensembles with an honorable tribute to the past.

Take our journey of Division Road style to the fields with this collectable craft capsule collection designed to meet the trials of the day, reflective of preserving the nature that provides the materials while presenting a rustic sophistication. We are honored to present our Luxe Ranch cross collaboration project with new developments from Cromford Leather Co., De Bonne Facture, MotivMfg, Iron Heart, and Viberg to commemorate the new foundation we’re building with a distinguished, modern wardrobe for the original gentleman.