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Concept to Creation

Virginia, USA

The Journey has become a Destination

In response to the changes set in motion during the pandemic and to reinvigorate a sense of discovery in retail, Division Road explored and implemented a grand vision where cultivation, curation, and craft combine into an engaging experience for our clients. We relocated from a downtown boutique to 45 acres of untouched woods, fields, and meadows. Rural in setting and urban in mindset, we retrofit an old equestrian barn and farmhouse into our Headquarters and product gallery.

Beyond buildings, spaces, and goods, we’re working to responsibly restore the land into a conservation-focused wildlife area and pollinator habitat that we are calling The Fields. From the virtual to the physical, this new setting fosters fresh opportunities to demonstrate our concentration on high-quality goods that are built to last in any conditions, while supporting the full circle lifecycle of materials and connection to the land that forms the basis of many of our products. The environment is new and our journey with you continues.