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The Fields - Spring 2023

Virginia, USA

Open for Discovery

As the pandemic stabilized in late 2020, we had a vision for Division Road. It was time to evolve, and we realized there was an opportunity to do something completely unprecedented in the retail space, exploratory, and unique that matched Division Road’s approach toward the business. This resulted in relocating our headquarters to create a destination experience for our customers — a place they could acquire goods guided by the dedicated presence of expert knowledge and surrounded by the central tenants that define the Division Road Way.

We secured our new environment — 45 sprawling acres of terrain — that would inspire the next phase of our ever-evolving vision. We called it The Fields, and we immediately set out to formulate a plan to preserve and restore the land to its natural grandeur.


Now in our first spring at our new headquarters, we are regularly accepting appointments from our clients new and old, traveling from near and far to gather goods. Guests can now step into the world of Division Road beyond the showroom with a transportive experience, both inside and out. It’s a peek behind the curtain into what makes us tick. Take a tour of our photo studio and see how our content is created. Step in front of the camera with your new ensemble for a media moment. You can also shop our workshop for finds from our back catalog of goods — all while our team works diligently preparing and shipping to points around the globe. Enjoy an espresso or cider in our showroom while exploring the pieces we’ve curated and crafted with our production partners. Take deep dives into product knowledge as you try on the goods to find those you can’t live without. Learn, explore, and discover the world of Division Road.

From the goods we procure and create, to the carefully curated experience we craft for our customers, it’s about preserving the best parts of bygone eras as we move forward and exceeding expectations to produce something memorable beyond the transaction — something meaningful. Our approach aims to aid in the survival of traditional methods of production, supporting makers staying true to old-world techniques, materials, and craft. We push our niche to evolve classic designs and leverage our production partners’ institutional knowledge to make heritage the best it can be, celebrating premium hand-crafted goods with an elevated presentation.

It is in this spirit we are approaching our work in The Fields, with a strategy focused on preservation, conservation, and restoration to support a balanced, diverse ecosystem. We’ve been hard at work revitalizing The Fields and reintroducing native flora to the property — all part of a grander plan to create a memorable destination and experience for the customers we serve. By leveraging the land in a responsible manner for full cycle goods — from honey to furniture — we are creating an accessible and educational journey for our clients and visitors to learn and grow as the site evolves with time. It’s a reciprocity between our business and the land on which it sits.

In The Fields, we’ve laid the groundwork for this massive conservation project, completing the first phase of restoration. It began with overhauling eight acres of cattle grazing fields inundated with invasive, non-native grasses and working to convert them into a diverse pollinator habitat. We introduced sections of full-grown, native specimen trees to the property to promote new growth, provide year-round interest, and attract indigenous fauna. In tandem we also installed a honeybee apiary, which has quickly been making itself at home. In time, we expect our honeybee population to grow over 40,000 strong. Later this spring, we will begin planting the front portion of The Fields with a myriad of wildlife-friendly, native wildflower and grass species that are adapted to the conditions and soil types on the property.

For the second phase, which has already begun, we’re working with a local organization to further our efforts to promote carbon capture, improve the local water quality and soil nutrients, and mitigate flood runoff. By mid-April, nearly 2,000 native trees and shrubs will have been planted to achieve the goal of restoring The Fields into a natural, highly diverse habitat — reinstating that which was appropriated from the land through indiscriminate clear cutting for animal agriculture. This riparian buffer project will further support new and returning wildlife by providing essential cover and food.

These plans will create a series of woodland touchpoints throughout the property which will be connected by a series of walkways and peppered with moments and stopping points along the way to allow our visitors an opportunity to relax, reflect and enjoy the natural splendor of The Fields. Our customers and visitors will soon have the opportunity to walk from our front wildflower fields, down paths that lead to distinct tree outcroppings and through a conservation arboretum leading to a creekside walk and then a hike through the back forest. The foundation has been laid and is starting to bud for our customers and visitors to enjoy an experience unsurpassed and completely unique to Division Road. It’s a holistic approach that combines our passions for preservation, revitalization, and aesthetics — all hallmarks which coalesce to define who we are as a company.

We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the future for Division Road and The Fields. Come visit this spring to enjoy first-hand our grand plan to redefine retail while enjoying a unique, world-class experience you can take with you along with the refined provisions we offer.