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The Patina Post – 8th Edition

Subtle & Sophisticated

Our year-end guidebook entry is dedicated to our most beloved content feature, The Patina Post. Whether you are new to rebuildable footwear or already well-versed with a deep collection, The Patina Post provides examples of how modern lifestyles are reflected through quality footwear. This year, we have focused on leathers and make-ups that will perform and age gracefully with a sophisticated patina, regardless of the conditions. You can see the results of our collaborations with Tricker's, White's, Crockett & Jones, EasyMoc, and Viberg as they evolve in finish, color, shape, and character, which will help inform your next Patina adventure.

Our 8th edition has given particular importance to black-dyed hides and styles where the development is understated. The transformations are evident in the reveal of grain characteristics, changes in finish, and individually adapted forms and molded fits. We have introduced some new EasyMocs and Viberg collaborations and the regularly worn dress-focused footwear from Crockett & Jones. Our street-to-workwear staples from Tricker's and White's are also a part of this year's Patina record. There is something for everyone in this year’s Patina edition.

We hold to the age-old mantra that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Well-designed and durable footwear reflects quality and character. When aided by the resiliency of top-level craftsmanship, life's journey is best navigated and communicated with footwear that breaks in rather than breaks down.

Due to the nature of our footwear's production methods, craftsmanship, and materials, we take a minimalist approach to our restorations. The first step is thoroughly cleaning the upper with water and a clean cloth to remove dirt and debris, followed by mild soaps on the midsole and sole. Then, we treat the welts and midsoles with leather conditioning wipes or Venetian shoe cream. As a final step — to moisturize and replenish the leather with its natural oils and reactivate the original tanning recipe — we apply either Saphir Greasy Leather Crème for oil, combination, chrome, or waxed-based tannages and Renovateur for full-veg and vegetable combination tannages, or heavily finished dress leathers.

Dark & Dressy

Viberg x DR Shinki Black Latigo Horsehide Chelsea Boot
20 Wears – 1 Restore


Tricker’s x DR Black CXL Stow Boot
60 Wears – 2 Restores


Crockett & Jones x DR Black Roughout Suede Sandhurst
60 Wears – 1 Restore


Crockett & Jones x DR Black Scotch Grain Calf Exeter
45 Wears – 1 Restore


Tricker’s x DR Navy CXL Stow Boot
20 Wears – 1 Restore – 1 Resole


Dutiful Daily 

EasyMoc x DR Toffee Crazy Horse Rambler 3-Eye Moc
120 Wears – 1 Restore


Crockett & Jones x DR Natural Hurricane Hide Pembroke
30 Wears – 1 Restore


White’s x DR New Rosewood Unicorn MP Sherman
120 Wears – 3 Restores


White’s x DR Natural Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350
200 Wears – 3 Restores


White’s x DR Black Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350
250 Wears – 3 Restores


White’s x DR Olive Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350
15 Wears – 1 Restore


Crockett & Jones x DR Teak Oiled Sides Arran
35 Wears – 1 Restore