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The Patina Post – 7th Edition

New & Old Projects

In our year-end journal entry, we bring you our most beloved content feature, The Patina Post. Whether you’re new to the game of properly rebuildable footwear or well versed with a deep collection of your own, the Patina Post provides examples of how lifestyles are reflected through quality footwear. Check out another series of seriously special goods that evolve in color, finish, shape, and character to match their wearer when taken to the fields, woods, streets, and beyond.

Over this last year, we enjoyed putting some heavy wear into our Crockett & Jones, Tricker’s, and White’s during the challenging journey of building out Division Road HQ and The Fields, relieved by the gift of good footwear to help us hit the ground running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace. As the DR Team is now in an environment that expedites the break-in process, many of our prized pieces sustained true tests of hard wears in the rugged outdoors in a lifestyle aligned to the workwear and industrial standards that our products are built to satisfy.

For this Patina Post, we went as close to a no-care routine as possible - just lightly cleaning up the footwear and conditioning the welt and midsoles, while leaving most of the footwear untouched and the patina completely intact. We always take the less-is-more tactic with the care of rebuildable footwear, which is reflected in our previous editions, but this time we took an even greater hands-off approach to display the actual condition in which you’ll find most of these make-ups on a day-to-day basis.

With a couple of new team members, we have some fresh Patina projects represented to show how a hard day in The Fields or several weeks in the Division Road studio can evolve dutiful boots made with all natural, heavyweight materials. Then, we have a few make-ups with years of wear that remain in our regular rotations and communicate how this footwear just keeps getting better when the patina journey is continual. Enjoy this examination of our expeditions as you plan your next Patina adventure.

LAUREN: Operating as Division Road’s front line of customer service, Lauren prefers slick footwear to slide through her daily duties. She also enjoys work boot builds with the industrial backbone needed to confidently and consistently push forward our steady flow of new releases.

Whites x DR Olive Waxed Flesh LTT Lineman 350
3 Months

Whites x DR CF Stead New Rosewood Unicorn MP Sherman
3 Months

Crockett & Jones x DR Earth Green Suede Coniston
6 Months

Crockett & Jones x DR Natural Hurricane Hide Coniston
8 Months

This gent fights his natural inclination to pursue more at every turn in an effort to keep his rotation tight and the patina journey going. With a variety of beloved and weathered make-ups, this collection of daily drivers represents some of the best-worn pairs on the roster.

White’s x DR Black Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350
1 Year

Crockett & Jones x DR Bronze Oiled Sides Grizedale
3 Months

Crockett & Jones x DR Dark Brown Roughout Suede Ross
1 Year

Tricker’s x DR Natural CXL Super Monkey Boot
2.5 Years

 A creature of habit and continuity, Ephriam keeps his rotation tight. Here, you can see the wear on his carefully-curated go-to’s — subject to edits and additions in an ever-changing roster per his nature, from footwear to daily endeavors.

Crockett & Jones x DR Black Roughout Suede Sandhurst
9 Months

Tricker’s x DR Horween Natural Dublin Robert Derby
6 Months

White’s x DR Burgundy CXL LTT Oxford 300
1 Year

Crockett & Jones x DR Chocolate Hurricane Hide Moray
1 Year

: As Division Road’s new blood, Ryan immediately was drawn to the practical and alluring White’s Semi-Dress. Wasting no time with his first pair of DR exclusives, Ryan committed fully to breaking in his new kicks with a five-mile hike in the first week.

White’s x DR Brown Waxed Flesh Semi-Dress 375
2 Weeks

Constantly switching from her Tricker’s and White’s to rubber wellingtons, Erin tests the grit of her footwear — from grinding daily at Division Road headquarters to her laborious duties out in The Fields. Check out the subtle patina a little work on our sprawling freehold can put on a pair of English country boots and stay tuned for the next edition.

Tricker’s x DR Horween Timber Wolf Dublin Eaton Boot
3 Wears