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New Releases from Viberg

Nothing is more foundational to heritage style than a pair of unique brown boots, and for that no-fail provision we bring you a select set of limited release make-ups from Viberg’s seasonal collection. Coupling an uncommon leather with specifications that provide endless utility, these boots are valuable additions to any rotation. Using Horween’s Rowdy Dachshund tannage, also referred to as Oil Harness, Mocha Vintage, Oiled Rowdy, or varying combinations of all the above, these styles bring back a venerable leather in versatile forms. This combination vegetable-oil tan recipe is designed to balance robust protection, deep grain character, and patina potential in an indestructible concoction of emulsified oil blends that yield a varied surface with extreme pull-up qualities. Welcome the duo of Viberg’s Rowdy Dachshund Chelsea Boot and 310 Service Boot, both of which are sure to evolve with elegance every step of the way to becoming a dependable staple in your wardrobe.

Rowdy Dachshund Chelsea Boot

First, we introduce the Rowdy Dachshund Chelsea with all its whole cut upper excellence on the sophisticated riding boot 2050 Last that boasts a sleek toe, accommodative instep, and a gripped fit throughout to perfectly conform to the foot through break-in while maintaining an elegantly structured shape. From side gusset to sole, this Chelsea keeps things clean with a dark tonal palette accenting the heavy shades of oil impregnated into these Rowdy hides. Goodyear welted to a high stitch-per-inch perfection with the rare use of channeled insoles, these Chelseas assert deft details and come with an antiqued 360 storm welt and midsole atop a Ridgeway sole that will take one from countryside to cigar club and all conditions in-between.

Rowdy Dachshund Service Boot

Following, we have the Rowdy Dachshund Service Boot for an evolved iteration on the historical signature Viberg original 310 Last, sometimes referred to as the 1950’s Service Boot due to its rockabilly upturned toe which hallmarks its originating era. This substantial and purposeful form has been refined to modernize its proportions by adapting the toe structure and contouring the heel to grip the back of the foot ever so slightly, allowing this boot to maintain its shape while also evolving naturally. This Service Boot pairs warm tonal accents of brass eyelets and a natural leather midsole atop a British-made Dainite sole to provide a flexible foundation that will comfortably adapt to one’s gait from rugged duty in the workshop to casually wandering wild fields.