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Effortless Style Study + Evolutions

De Bonne Facture x DR, Viberg x DR


Collaborations and Releases from De Bonne Facture and Viberg

As you know, here at Division Road we are all about versatility; style can be communicated and conveyed regardless of an event or lack thereof. Whether you find yourself at a library, coffee shop, board meeting, or evening out, your ensembles and their components should be distinct and adaptable, allowing you to venture seamlessly through any of life’s many events.

With that said, for this week’s release we bring you a study on effortless style with a curated collection of exclusives and collaborations. From foundational pieces for every wardrobe by De Bonne Facture to the customized Viberg seasonal Black Horsebutt Bastion, this week is about refined classics that aren’t occasion specific, but are designed simply to be worn and appreciated, regardless of when or where.

De Bonne Facture x Division Road

For a preview into the upcoming season, we’ve brought back some of our treasured collaborations and the venerable Grandad Coat. In a collection of Pure Virgin Wools and Organic Cottons, these pieces are sure to carry you through any formal or informal environment. First in line, we have the sartorial Organic Cotton Sweater Vest in Navy and Forest. Using a GOTS Certified organically grown Peruvian Cotton, this vest is meant to be a functional layer that provides subtle texture for that prep-meets-hip character. Up next are our collaborations that have been designed as staple outerwear or mid-layer pieces in your wardrobe that embody a natural luxury. The Work Jacket in a Waterproof and Organic Ventile Cotton, and one of our favorite CPO inspired pieces, the Washed Wool & Linen Check Overshirt, create a marriage between utility and sophistication. To top it off, we have the Grandad Trench Coat, returning as a seasonal exclusive in the Grey & Brown Herringbone French Pyrenean Wool cloth that achieves its color and texture by using two shades of natural undyed shear. This piece will fall right into your regular rotation of outerwear with a casually structured form and unparallel vintage aesthetic.

Viberg x Division Road

The Black Horsebutt Bastion Oxford is one of the Viberg seasonal collection exclusives we’re most excited about, as we took a decidedly dress footwear pattern and roughed it up to be ready for both formal events or casual duty and everything in between. This new pattern development from Viberg is elegantly executed and fully exhibited in one of the most treasured Horsebutt articles from Comipel that is vegetable tanned to maintain the natural feel of the grain while maintaining a structure that will mold to the foot with unique characteristics and a high shine finish. Designed with an integrated fold over cap toe and throat line on the vamp, the Bastion is an historic style that dates to the 1960’s when company founder, Ed Viberg, set out to create a pattern that combined an Oxford and Derby style shoe. We put this pattern on a 2020 Last for a sleek and gripped fit and balanced it out with a Ridgeway sole for a refined officer-dress disposition, coming with a blacked out flat welt and midsole. An iconic Oxford style with an over-the-top build, this Viberg x DR exclusive will provide a perfect foundation to take on the world in signature style, day to night, home or abroad.

Evolutions – Part 1 Via YouTube

You asked, so we delivered. We present to you, “Evolutions,” a new video series with sneak peeks behind the curtains as we plan, progress, and build Division Road 2.0 in Virginia. On a semi-regular basis, we will put together footage documenting the transition and groundwork development aimed at making Division Road an even more special place of collaborative products and elevated experiences. This first video gives a glimpse into the closure of our Seattle store and how we moved our product, shop, and people across the country in an orchestrated fashion. Watch as we put together a bootstrapped, yet well-oiled operational set-up that ensures our clients continue to be served to our high standards, even as we undergo the planning, construction, and creation of our new home at The Fields. In the meantime, follow the journey on our YouTube Channel and stay tuned because there is much more to come.