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Harvesting Heritage

Tricker’s X DR, Freemans Sporting Club X DR, Iron Heart


Collaborations and Releases from Tricker’s, Freemans Sporting Club, and Iron Heart

Autumn is beckoning with its coffers of cooler air, the sights and scents of fresh leaves ready for transition, the nostalgic activities of harvest festivals and tasting specialty brews, and devoting time to pick up your heritage goods for our favorite time of year. As such, we bring you a selection of classic collaborations and releases from Tricker’s, Freemans Sporting Club, and Iron Heart that embody this time of year in a burnt brown and black palette along with luxurious textures that relate to these impending transitions we wholeheartedly embrace.

Tricker’s x Division Road

From Tricker’s, we’ve brought back two beloved collaborations on the completely exclusive Dean Boot and Churchill Officer Boot patterns. Both styles are produced with the properly revered Charles F. Stead Unicorn recipe of vegetable re-tanned, aniline dyed Scandinavian Elk hides that have remarkable characteristics revealed by subtly sanding the grain for a nubuck finish, allowing the impregnated oils to come to the surface for exceptional pull-up qualities. The tannage includes a subtle wax coating in the tanning process to yield a rich and distinct matte finish to provide unmatched durability and flexibility. Utilized on two very clean Tricker’s x DR styles, the Bronze Unicorn Dean Boot is an unparalleled, austere country boot in a hyper versatile chestnut brown to be a utilitarian go-to with astute features, and the coal-colored Black Unicorn Churchill Officer Boot comes with a higher quarter for a commanding disposition for full duty.

Freemans Sporting Club x Division Road

From Freemans Sporting Club we have two indispensable pieces that hallmark the brand with their timeless and stylish take on classics, coming in unique fabrics that are as fresh and foundational to a wardrobe as their original inspirations. The FSC Chore Jacket is really one of (if not) the best versions in the marketplace and has remained a reiterated mainstay in the collection for the better part of a decade. This version appears in an amazing burnt brown, luxurious and durable medium wale Japanese Corduroy to reflect a modern take on a turn of the century inspiration with 70’s style. The CS-1 Classic Shirt has become a staple for its more traditional fit, tailored to be used as an over shirt, a comfortable button-down, or sized down for a slimmer silhouette. Coming in a 6.5 oz. Japanese Flannel Plaid with a classic black and greyscale palette, this shirt can go from a lowrider club to a cocktail lounge with a gangster’s grace.

Iron Heart

With Iron Heart we’re keeping it workwear and heavy-duty focused to the fullest. From truck stop to workshop, we have a triplet of tried-and-true pieces that are signature to the ethos of taking workwear to the next level. The 2526PJ Modified Type III in 17 oz. Duck Canvas is practically indestructible and reflects the quality of Iron Heart’s precise productions using fabrics that are purely unrelenting, while providing a canvas for individualized evolution through steadfast use. Then, we have two Work Shirts that come with hallmark pocketing, buttons, chainstitching and run-offs, and all that heritage jazz. With the 10 oz. Black Chambray that has been reactive dyed for a consistent salt & pepper texture and tone, and the 12 oz. Black x Black Johnny Cash denim with a sulfur dyed warp and reactive dyed weft that will subtly fade to grey, these all-season Work Shirts are made to perform whether it be on stage or in the wood shop.