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Staple Style Armor

Iron Heart, Freenote Cloth


Releases from Iron Heart and Freenote Cloth 

Made for the vintage-inspired modern man channeling vibes from the moto-garage to the frontlines, this collection includes specialized and rare materials in new classic styles that embody our better-than-original formula. From Iron Heart and Freenote Cloth, these garments are made for rough-and-tumble duties in the workshop and will serve equally well for evening-out ensembles. Get your staple and stylish armaments from these makers committed to improving productions within a traditional framework of craftsmanship that ensures their goods become better through years of heavy use.

Iron Heart 

We have a hefty drop of hearty goods from Iron Heart for those who like their garments to be dutiful even in the warmth of summer, thus nicely broken in for fall through winter. For outerwear, the Japanese Horsehide Rider’s Jacket is made in vegetable-tanned leather designed to take a beating and look better with each easy ride or rough encounter.

A new iteration of the Tanker Jacket comes in a reversible format to yield two staple battle-ready and wearable pieces in one. For staple shirting crafted to deeply develop into one’s own, we have the 12 oz. Indigo Wabash and 7 oz. Black Fatigue Cloth Work Shirts paired to the heavyweight 12 oz. Selvedge Denim Westerns in Indigo with tonal stitching and Black with contrast thread. 

Freenote Cloth

With an enduring style sense, each piece we bring from Freenote reinforces the Division Road idea that iconic inspirations can be adapted into a functional and personalized wardrobe with a timeless aesthetic and workwear durability.To that point, we have the White Japanese Sashiko Midway CPO that is more jacket than shirt in this rare, woven cloth using white and indigo dyed yarns washed for wearability while retaining full patina potential.

Entirely USA-made from cotton to cloth to cut and sew, the Scout Shirt gives a versatile option for an overshirt or casual button down. The new Shifter Pant is designed to replicate mid-century garage pants in a comfortably tailored straight fit using a dutiful and drape-heavy Japanese Twill, allowing you to cruise in excellent craft.