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Avant-garde Assembly

MotivMfg x DR, Viberg x DR


Collaborations with MotivMfg and Viberg

This week, we're thrilled to present a unique capsule collection designed with MotivMfg and paired with a Viberg collaboration. This assembly breaks the mold by deconstructing traditionally formal materials into relaxed styling, drawing inspiration from high fashion, counterculture, and 20th-century workwear and military references. It's a blend of craft, rare materials, unique design processes, and artisan hand-grade production, offering you the avant-garde with a timeless lens.

MotivMfg x Division Road 

We believe luxury goods should be ethically produced. Thus, verifiable sources of wild silk and linen in exclusive fabrics are a theme throughout this capsule, underscoring the principles of authentically caring for nature while achieving enduring durability with a relaxed drape. An all-season version of the American Vector Bomber and Swiss Army Cargos come in an outstanding Herringbone Tussah Silk — garment dyed to warm charcoal — for high design with pronounced articulation and flow.

The American Camp Shirt and French Worker Trouser utilize the outstanding High Twist Linen Serge in an Antique Stripe for a modern take on an industrial-era workwear suit. For special staples, we bring you an array of our exclusively developed American Camp Shirts using Selvedge Denim, Wild Silk, and Linen blended fabrics explicitly developed for MotivMfg to round out your effortlessly elegant wardrobes in perfectly fitting rarities.


Viberg x Division Road 

One of the most anticipated collaborations of the season is this deconstructed derby shoe that bridges the formal and casual. Using a limited batch Black Patent Horsebutt from Maryam Tannery and formed on the military dress 2030 Last using the new Rockland Blucher pattern developed to be essentially unlined, this occasional footwear broadens the scope. This shoe can be styled from denim to black tie and will conform to the foot with a patent application resembling original methods.

This allows for patina and provides outstanding comfort through refined specifications and construction. This clean-lined Rockland Blucher with a single continuous vamp and a subtly stitched-in counter pocket are paired with intentional specifications to enhance the design with blind eyelets, a black leather scalloped welt and midsole, and a British-made Ridgeway sole. This make-up embodies an officer of style commanding an elegant flair.