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Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Shelby Sharp

For a vegetable-tanned horsebutt masterpiece of style and craftsmanship, we have a groundbreaking, sharp-as-a-Shelby blade collaboration with Viberg. These limited-production, exclusive to Division Road Shelby Sharps only come in small batch horsehide leathers with subtly different characteristics to be easily collected and coordinated. This version has the hallmark brogue and dress detailing on our custom pattern with the military inspiration of the 2055 Munson-based Last and a Goodyear Commando sole to relate the soldier turned mob boss storyline of Thomas Shelby.

This unassailable Shelby is made with a small batch Toscanello Horsebutt from Maryam that has gone through full vegetable Cordovan tanning processes. This natural core horsebutt leather has a lightly dyed chestnut brown grain and is finished with lanolin oil, creating a subtle shine. Over time, it will develop a burnish and significant high-low contrast as the horsehide rolls, revealing grain texture through years of wear. It's reminiscent of vintage militaria and has profound patina properties.

Combining trench warfare specs with courthouse elegance, we utilized the lower profiled, military-inspired Munson-based 2055 Last hallmarked with a wide forefoot tapered to the heel with a comfortable and functional shape that accommodates a variety of feet. Our signature brogue and pinking details combine with a natural leather pinked welt and leather midsole to communicate a cutthroat resilience atop a Commando sole for combat-grade traction and Goodyear welting for time-tested durability. Given this style's rare components and craft-intensive nature, we never know when or if the next will come. In this landmark Shelby Sharp case, prudence is not a virtue, and the streetwise will grab this powerhouse patina grail.