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Viberg x DR, Dehen 1920 x DR, Iron Heart, and Gitman Vintage


Division Road Editorial Bulletin Signature Style Staples

Collaborations and Releases with Viberg, Dehen 1920, Iron Heart, and Gitman Vintage

Back from the trenches we come with a release made for those who like testing their garments in the conditions and uses for which these goods are made to endure. With a signature roster of authentic heritage makers who specialize in new classics, we bring a curation of Dehen 1920, Iron Heart, Gitman Vintage, and Viberg that's perfect for any guy upgrading their wardrobe with the best in class. Whether looking to infuse a little moto, work, militaria, or ivy-style into your arsenal and ensembles, these staples will inspire and fall seamlessly into regular rotation.

  • Division Road Signature Style Staples
  • Division Road Signature Style Staples
  • Division Road Editorial Bulletin Signature Style Staples

Division Road Editorial Bulletin Signature Style Staples Dehen 1920 x DR

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

From one of our favorite family-owned in-house producers, we have two Oregon made outerwear pieces from Dehen 1920 in preparation for the late winter to spring weather transition. First, our British Tan Duck Canvas Cloth Mechanics Jacket collaboration comes back with all of its evolved vintage appeal in a UK milled Brisbane Moss® cloth that’s hearty enough for the shop worker and brushed for softness for the car show scouter. Coming with a tricked out yet tasteful “Motor Club Supply Co.” Black embroidery on the back to flash one’s enthusiast nature, this jacket hallmarks Dehen’s history with an authentic sophistication. Then cue the Loden Waxed Canvas Crissman, which takes one of the best overshirts in the market and makes it into a layering piece with more outerwear capability as a fully lined and finished jacket with a waterproof wax finished canvas that will patina and protect you day in and day out.

Division Road Editorial Bulletin Signature Style Staples Iron Heart

Iron Heart

For those looking to get back on the road, we have three truckers by the best in the business at improving moto work-ready originals with modifications for the modern, retaining important signatures of the vintage, and building them above standards for a lifetime of utility. The 84-J Type II Jacket is a rare rendition of work shirt meets jacket, pleated and cinched for a clean cut with a classical appeal. The Type II in Beige or Black, comes in an approachable 12 oz. Selvedge Chino Cloth ideal for those looking for something that can be worn into warmer weather with a crisp feel that will develop a subtle character. Then we have the craft collectable Indigo Dyed Corduroy 82-J Type III that has a brilliant blue color with an aged texture that will continue to evolve for the denim enthusiast who wants to broaden his 70’s Trucker horizons while staying comfortably in his lane. All styles come in a below the beltline modified length for a more contemporary cut and enable functional mid-layer styling possibilities for the current climate.

Division Road Editorial Bulletin Signature Style Staples Gitman Vintage

Gitman Vintage

Coming from our family owned one-roof shirting maker, Gitman Vintage gives us two new button downs with their signature innovative takes on traditional fabrics and patterns in a material and palette made for all-season use. Utilizing a specially fabricated 3-ply Beefy Poplin that is denser and crisper than common iterations of this staple cloth, these shirts will age beautifully for years through repeated wearing and washing as they maintain constant rotation in even the most well-equipped wardrobes. With a glen plaid pattern advanced with a check overlay using highlights of rust and gold, the Charcoal and Tan Beefy Poplin Checks have a complex and versatile color scheme that offers an endless array of ensembles and combinations. Per usual, these two shirts are offered in our exclusive neck-sizing program from Gitman, giving seven size options across the typical four size grade for the ability to find a perfectly tailored fit right off the rack or out of the box.

Division Road Editorial Bulletin Signature Style Staples Viberg x DR

Viberg x Division Road

Having ultra-unique pieces that will develop with constant duty and rotation are as foundational to wardrobe building as footwear itself. Bringing that tenant home, we have a restock on one of our first core-exclusives from way back when, that has proven to be a signature staple for many Division Road Army style soldiers. With a full military inspiration, the Black Waxed Flesh Service Boot is fashioned to represent how WWII servicemen hand treated their boots with waxes for the trenches. As these Horween tanned hides become scarred, the natural nap breaks through the surface resulting in a fantastic patina unique to the journey. Further historically related, this Service Boot is formed on the 2045 Munson Last developed by the US military in 1945 to fit the widest variety of feet with a moderate profile and a rounded toe box and forefoot that drastically tapers into a narrow heel where it grips the foot to hold it in place during conflicts and conquests. Using stitchdown construction with a natural leather midsole atop a British made Goodyear Commando Sole, this boot enables a lifetime of service in the battlefields, boondocks, or broadways.