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Viberg x DR


Viberg x Division Road Collaborations

The wait is over, and this week we are pleased to present a pair of staple Division Road Service Boot special make-ups with Viberg. Per our method, we’ve got some solid and stylish collaborations that are designed as most boots should be: unique in order to excite, robust to endure hard wear, and considered classics that coordinate with the majority of a wardrobe. Designed as slick style pieces for habitual use in any collection, these Viberg Service Boots come with cleanly corresponding specifications in industrious builds that allow for immediate comfort, traction, and long-term durability for all of our surefooted style soldiers. With some twists on the signature Service Boot formula, the Black Unicorn comes sleek and subtle with a bit of bling and the Bone Chamois Roughout has a tonal sandy standout nature, both providing the proper punch to an outfit and versatility required for various conditions in the considered Division Road approach.

Bone Chamois Roughout Service Boot

For venturing from the boondocks to Broadway, this Service Boot is wrapped in Horween’s rare Bone Chamois Roughout leather with an oily nap that provides protection in a subtle sheen, while granting a gritty texture in a lighter color that will elegantly embrace patina, dirt, and debris. Coming on the popular 2030 Last with its dress officer legacy, this Service Boot is detailed with a pinked cap toe and tonally complemented with small antique brass eyelets, a natural leather midsole, and an exclusive sawdust colored Lactae Hevea crepe sole to create a highly wearable walker that’s bad to the bone.

Black Unicorn Service Boot

A dapper and dutiful Service Boot is revealed in the revered C.F. Stead Black Unicorn vegetable re-tanned Scandinavian Elk leather that’s been sanded and waxed to a matte finish for remarkable grain character and unmatched performance in the wild. Coming on the dress style anatomical 2020 Last that grips the foot with a slick shape and comforting fit, this Service Boot is complemented with a subtle brogue cap toe balanced with contrasting brass eyelets for some vintage bling that pair with the warmth of the natural leather midsole, all atop the trusty British-made Dainite Sole for low profiled, wet and dry, day and night traction for striding in steely style.