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Viberg x DR, De Bonne Facture x DR, Iron Heart, Studio D’Artisan


Collaborations and Releases with Viberg, De Bonne Facture, Iron Heart, and Studio D’Artisan

This week, we have a curated collection of collaborations and pieces made for the guy with a workwear backbone who has been elevated to the boardroom. Whether tromping around the ranch with grazing livestock or in the woodshop sanding a wide plank table and then off to the city to navigate a deal, only one uniform is needed to communicate his soulful and stalwart style. From signature manufacturing brands with our approach of creating luxury items made with heritage traditions and true quality construction, we bring elite offerings for a top-to-bottom ensemble from De Bonne Facture, Iron Heart, and Studio D’Artisan, complemented by a foundational Viberg collaboration.

De Bonne Facture x Division Road

Our collaborations and releases with De Bonne Facture continue and, with a land-to-hanger method, there is no better example of luxury meeting tradition. Designs with a French fashion meets workwear formula using only the finest and most sustainably traceable materials while making goods exclusively in Ateliers throughout western Europe that have a categorical specialty often passed down for generations, De Bonne Facture produces exquisite and extra-ordinary garments that have to be experienced to be understood. Our collaboration CPO-inspired Taupe Check Washed Wool Linen Overshirt is a versatile seasonless staple with class, the Undyed Organic Cotton Twill Work Jacket begs to be beaten and dirtied to relate a character rich lifestyle, and the endless possibilities provided by the Knit Sweater Vest that we’re ridiculously excited about boasts the 60’s Ivy Style that goes to Paris on tour.

Iron Heart

There is very little we have to say about Iron Heart at this point. If you know you know, and if not, you should maybe get started on your cult collecting journey with the 49-J Brown Split Steer Roughout Modified Type III that’s a perfect example of the fact that the Iron Heart philosophy of over-built is just right. Coming in an extremely heavyweight steer hide on the roughout side that’s brushed for a textured and oily nap and looks luxe and tumbled through the heavy wear and beating this beckons, this Type III is given a modern, longer length that’s perfectly cut to appear slim, yet layerable. Fresh off the range for our road warriors of style, this leather jacket comes with signature pocketing, hardware, and lining that is fully finished with polished Japanese execution and packed with value while being designed to patina from dusty paths and roaming adventures.

Studio D’Artisan

Finally, the best natural fiber meets our favorite fit via one of the most treasured looms in the Fox x G3 Relaxed Tapered mash-up that’s shrink-to-fit and sure to become your go-to. Taking what is essentially an original cotton fiber, bred from ancient generations to yield a more natural color and qualities that are more plant-like in their feel and performance and spinning a special, highly twisted yarn out of this short staple, the re-tooled and hand-operated G3 loom with low tension comfort and significant slub gives us a denim that will dramatically evolve while remaining structured to provide a form-fit drape. All perfectly married in the Relaxed Tapered fit with a roomy top block and gracefully tapered leg, this denim underscores the value of a nature-based approach to establishing aesthetic transformations that will astound the denim purist and progressivist for years to come.

Viberg x Division Road

As a foundation piece to this exceptional ensemble, we bring you a single, limited release of the Toscanello Horsebutt Service Boot. Coming in the venerable vegetable tanned Toscanello Horsebutt by Maryam in Italy that’s undyed to further reveal shell-like properties, natural grain characteristics, prodigious patina potential, and become molded to the foot over the journey’s course. This Service Boot is indicative of the military form of the 2040 Last in a slightly narrower E width and unstructured toe to communicate a sleek form for soldiers coming from the battlefield to battalion headquarters. Furthering the refinements, a tonal Brown CXL bellows tongue and brass eyelets provide warm touches that coordinate to an antiqued leather midsole finishing atop a Ridgeway sole for purposeful elegance, while a leather pull loop provides function needed for a collectable comrade stout enough to wage war in a luxury staple to lust after.