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De Bonne Facture x DR, Iron Heart, Gitman Vintage x DR, Ruttloff X WHT X DR


Collaborations and Releases with De Bonne Facture, Iron Heart, Gitman Vintage, and Ruttloff x Wright Hand Twill

This week, we’re taking things to the next level for the urban style sophisticate that looks for truly remarkable pieces and doesn’t mind combining influences in order to come correct in craft collectables. Each piece in this collection of goods is limited, special and distinct, to be utilized as versatile standalones or coordinated for a full ensemble of cool-style chic in cult specimens that embody craftsmanship at the core. From De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage, and Ruttloff Garments we have iconic, wardrobe elevating collaborations that pair with some Iron Heart tops to be top-tier benchmarks of what exclusive goods should be, whether from heritage makers or a fashion house brand. So, stride down the city street in signature pieces that are as elegant as they are gritty, with the added bonus of being responsibly made with a traditional approach.

De Bonne Facture x Division Road

The inclusion of De Bonne Facture in our roster and close work with Déborah Sitbon Neuberg bears full attention, as we present exclusive offerings that adapt this contemporary French label with a heritage slant. With a focus on transparency and sustainability, every material is vetted or solely produced for this small, cult, luxury brand. Turning back the clock to the old days of haute couture, DBF leverages a network of local ateliers to produce truly special garments with a natural style and soul. Hence, we’re pleased to debut a limited selection of two collaborations comprised of completely PFC-free Organic Ventile®: a native industrial-era Work Jacket and a revisited City Parka that combines a mac, a duster, and military styled parkas for a waterproof piece that is remarkably cross-seasonal, cotton, and chic.

Iron Heart

Basically, Iron Heart Westerns and Work Shirts are the benchmark gold standard in shirting with a workwear build. Always coming in proprietary fabric developments, over the top construction, and refined design details, you only need one or two of their pieces in this category for a lifetime of utility; but, once the quality, cut, and uniqueness is experienced, often very deep and varied collections ensue. For a signature ranch-to-workshop ready selection, this release of limited and seasonal shirting includes the Western in the 276-IND Indigo Ombre Check Selvedge Flannel and our favorite non-denim Olive Military Serge Twill 235-OLV that pair with a debut of the 290-BLK Work Shirt in a Black Mock Twist Selvedge Chambray.

Gitman Vintage x Division Road

So good we had to bring it back in all of its bond-girl form, our signature Camouflage Pin-up collaboration out of the Print Revival Series from last year re-emerges from the shadows with a covert coolness. To pay homage to the creative resurrection through prints and fabric recreations of Gitman Bros by Chris Olberding with the now dominant Vintage line, this shirt is produced in a limited woven pin-up print that hides its true nature in plain sight in a woodland camo palette. Sure to be a go-to button down for any ensemble looking for a proactive undercover pop, this future collectable classic celebrates one of America’s last shirting makers, while remaining present with a sense of amusement in sartorial style.

Ruttloff x Wright Hand Twill x Division Road

From within the ranks of the Division Road Army comes a cross-collaboration project with Ruttloff Garments via Wright Hand Twill. The second coming of a revived Skinny Tapered fit designed with an engineered ingenuity cements this standard within fashion with a heritage backbone. Produced by Germany's best kept denim secret using an all-season 15 oz. Nihon Menpu Selvedge Denim with a black warp and charcoal weft loomed in a medium tension, this denim will maintain a crisp tailored cut while evolving in a three-dimensional grey scale fade. Finished with Division Road camouflage canvasing throughout and over the top details enabled by a collection of vintage machines that belong in a museum more than a workshop, Ruttloff continues to craft our timeless collaborations with the precision of a fine timepiece.