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New Releases from Viberg

We’re back in a New Year and are starting it off right with some fresh footwear releases as cool as a winter blast. To follow on our illustrious Patina Post, we bring you two limited Viberg seasonal make-ups that are horsebutt rarities, renewed with new finishing techniques and subtle Division Road customizations. These Service Boots are special enough to be excited about wearing them daily, with details that make them versatile enough to do so. Both styles come in our favorite horsebutt hides from Maryam with an innovative TPR finish that thermally plates a resin to the grain to highlight natural characteristics with a more consistent shell-like surface, which allows a more stable burnished patina to develop. This treatment takes the best qualities of these vegetable Cordovan tanned Horsebutts and gives them the appearance of Shell with lower maintenance and increased flexibility. The Toscanello and Muschio Horsebutt Service Boots are slick as ice styles for the ages that will never get old, designed for the collector or inductee alike.

Toscanello TPR Horsebutt Service Boot

Nothing is better than a comfortable, casual boot that can fit into any rotation and communicates its special nature with subtlety. The Toscanello TPR Horsebutt Service Boot is just that, coming in the refined 1035 Last that has the original sleek shape with an accommodative forefoot and waist and adapted snugger heel to work for a wider variety of foot types. In a rich, lightly dyed chestnut brown Horsebutt with hints of cinnamon, this cleanly configured plain toe Service Boot comes with large brass eyelets for a hit of flash, tonally corresponding to a signature natural leather midsole atop a Ridgeway sole that balances traction for rugged terrain in a sophisticated form, made with stitchdown construction for a classic Viberg composition with a DR twist.

Muschio TPR Horsebutt Service Boot

Everyone needs a smartly styled boot that will coordinate from dress to casual ensembles with the confidence and grace of this Muschio TPR Horsebutt Service Boot. Coming in the tried-and-true signature 2030 Last with an almond toe, accommodative forefoot, and moderate waist and heel, many swear by this form that perfectly hallmarks its formal military roots. This deeply bronzed espresso brown Horsebutt is given further distinction as a fully lined make-up finished with French binding, small antique brass eyelets and a brogue cap toe to leverage a classy configuration, along with a natural leather midsole atop a Ridgeway sole assembled with stitchdown construction to allow for the industrial duty readiness a Viberg via Division Road should have.