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Crockett & Jones x DR


Introducing Crockett & Jones x Division Road Collaborations

We at Division Road are constantly looking to progress. As the calendar clicks over there is something nice and natural in taking stock of where we’ve been and surveying where we’re going. A new year filled with possibilities allows for some big reveals and grand announcements. In that vein, we are honored to present our collaboration partnership with Crockett & Jones, properly regarded as one of the best handgrade footwear manufacturing brands in the world. The enthusiast will be well aware of the significance of Division Road offering exclusive make-ups produced by this renowned maker, and for the sake of stating it clearly, this is an exceptionally rare and noteworthy relationship. Since our founding, it’s been a serious aim to have Crockett & Jones as part of our all-star footwear roster. Landmarks take time to develop, and such patience has generated the only collaboration partnership of its kind with this legendary heritage brand. Over the last year, we have been diligently working in concert with C&J to forge a stylistic and functionally focused formula that hallmarks their traditional identity with our distinctive approach and sets the foundation for many more collaborations to come.

As one of the few family owned and operated footwear manufacturers left in Northampton, England, Crockett & Jones is at the pinnacle of the resole-able category using time-honored traditional Goodyear welting techniques. Through five generations of this authentic legacy, C&J has become a proficient producer of timeless styles that redefine formal and casual by sourcing the best materials available with a honed sensibility, continuing to evolve through deliberate pattern and last development, and having an unmatched quality imperative to provide the finest possible results within manufacturing tolerances. Beyond the deep history, benchmark production, and unique formula, C&J Lasts are elite examples within the industry, designed from an anatomical approach in making sleek forms that are accommodative and comfortable for prolonged wear in various conditions. From Kingsman to Bond, Crockett & Jones is England’s footwear for complex, dutiful, and sophisticated gentlemen. As we’ve become an authority in the heritage niche by continually striving to elevate the dutiful, a link has been formed with Crockett & Jones and their dress sensibility that has recently ventured into a more casual arena. For the finest English footwear tailored with the DR functional aesthetic, we give you Crockett & Jones x Division Road.

Waxed Roughout Tank Pack

In our first series of many, we created a collection that has a distinctively casual approach to Crockett & Jones. Leveraging a military inspiration in the palette and patterns used, combined with materials and specifications designed for the outdoors, the yield is a new pack of countryside classics. Utilizing the fairly recent pattern developments of the Ross and Shannon derby boots, accompanied by the Sandhurst derby shoe, allows a solid footing for this Waxed Roughout Tank Pack. Each piece is as functional in tested environments and conditions as it is versatile in style foundations for vintage and modern inspired ensembles. Almost all leather offerings with C&J are specialty recipes tanned to their specifications, and the Waxed Roughout Calf Suede produced in the UK by the storied Charles F. Stead is no different. Using hand selected calf sides for their supple and dense grain qualities that are extravagantly aniline dyed for a natural color profile and applying a unique dry wax in tanning to the moderately sanded nap results in a weather resistant leather that offers pliability, durability, and an urbane patina.

The Sandhurst derby shoe comes murdered out in the iconic 325 Last that provides the signature C&J elegant shape with an accommodative fit, while the Dark Brown Roughout Suede Ross and Green Roughout Shannon Boots with contrasting outdoorsman detailing are adapted to the closely related 378 Last that has a dress shape in the toe and forefoot combined with a Munson based fit in the waist and heel to yield a comfortable, gripped fit when taking to the wilds. Coming with corresponding specifications refined with our eye on all elements of design and construction down to the sole, these make-ups are provided full off-road utility in a proportional profile with the cleated Carrarmato sole that was inspired by tank tread designs and comes from a pedigree that is responsible for the founding of Vibram. Originally developed with Pirelli tires, the “Armored Car” translation perfectly describes this lug sole, remaining durable in the most extreme conditions while having profound traction, flexibility, and comfort in a compound that will be long-lasting for daily wear on concrete streets, or days on end in the wilderness.

Scotch Grain Calf Icons

While generally we prefer to imbue the Division Road sensibility by looking to elevate and enhance products through paying tribute to the core identity of our makers, there are iconic pieces that must be preserved as tributes. In that vein, we present two core-staples synonymous with the Crockett & Jones brand in the form of the Scotch Grain Coniston derby boot and Pembroke derby shoe as signature styles with a go anywhere, do anything attitude for those who only wear the best. Coming on the hallmark 325 Last that has a military-dress shape with a sleek, slightly elongated toe and moderate forefoot, waist, and heel, these styles boast a commanding yet cultured form with a dutiful nature. The Coniston is an instantly recognizable C&J signature, and while uncomplicated in its configuration, the details and execution of this elegant high quartered derby boot with a close lace facing, cap toe, and back stay set this timeless style apart from any imitation. The Pembroke is a proper representation of a brogue derby shoe with a unique elongated wing and counter design that gives a sophisticated profile to an expertly detailed shoe with an exclusive medallion punching.

Both styles have a refined countryside disposition made for the English gentleman, which is furthered by corresponding tonal storm welts and midsole finishing, along with the low profiled Dainite sole ideal for formal to casual occasions and wet to dry conditions, firmly making this Coniston and Pembroke trusted treasures for tromping in the bogs or the boardroom. This Crockett & Jones exclusive Scotch Grain Calf leather (using the finest European calf hides available rather than the worst materials which is common for printed leathers) is a combination vegetable re-tannage printed with a proprietary pebbled grain design from the 1920’s and finished with a subtle burnishing to yield a distinguished leather that is durable, flexible, and will evolve to improve with age in a sophisticated patina. Honestly, we don’t get excited about stock offerings, or printed leathers for that matter, but had to bring in the Crockett & Jones Scotch Grain Icons that, once worn and experienced, convey what this legacy producer does differently and more expertly than others.